Should I get black or ink for my first bbag?

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  1. I vote for ink! I love the color, and it is harder to come by than black... so you can always get a black one later.
  2. black :yes:
  3. definitely an INK!
  4. I guess i'd look at it like this, do you already have a black bag you love/or enjoy using ? if so i'd go with the ink.

    Like you i'm trying to decide on my first.
    Currently I have a cheap aldo bag that is the style/size of the city and find it great. I actually like the bag. Anyway, I'm trying to decide if i should get first or city and what color? Its so hard because there are so many nice colors out there, but then you have to decide on size. Things get very confusing for a first timer.
  5. I am also trying to decide on my first bbag. I am leaning towards a black city. Good Luck!