Should I get black or ink for my first bbag?

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  1. Ink, all the way...
  2. I love both, and a black bbag is such a staple but if you can find a super ink, I'd get that, as black is easier to obtain IMO.
  3. I vote black.
  4. I vote for black as well. I hope you get a new black bbag and really experience the bag from infancy. There's nothing like a brand new bbag. The smell, the leather is tdf.
  5. Black! though u can't go wrong with either ITA with others on this will always be a staple color that you can grab for anything any occassion with any outfit!
  6. BLACK bbag is the hottest color around! Personally, I just don't like ink.
  7. i love black but if u plan to get the first then i'd go with ink :smile:
  8. I agree. Black is a great color for me because it goes with everything I own. Pick the color according to what will fit into your wardrobe the best. Don't forget to post pics of what you get.
  9. i've got both colours... Black in a CITY and Ink in a TWIGGY... if you really LOVE both colours maybe consider getting one of each colour but in a different style! :o)
    good luck!
  10. This was my dilemma when I got my first bbag (a city)! I wanted ink, but ended up getting black due to availability. I have no regrets. The black is my favourite, and I think it's a classic.
  11. I love Ink and Black, but if I had to choose only one I'd go for Black, it's a classic and always will be. :yes:
  12. Totally agree with that :yes:
  13. Ink!
  14. My first Bbag was an Ink first. My second one was a Black city. I love both of them and regularly use both for different reasons. However, if you can only get one, then I would go for a Black city. Good luck!
  15. wow both are nice choice, but seems u can't go wrong with black!