Should I get Black city? Calling all bbag experts!

  1. I have just ordered Ink Work from Cult status :yahoo: My brother is on vacation at Hawaii so he can pick a bag for me from Aloharag. I wrote a long list of things like smoochy leather, not too veiny/distressed. Poor thing, I tried to explained but he just can't understand why it is so hard to buy a bag...typical male.

    Anyway, I think I left it too late in the season to get the colour I want in city. If he bring one back, I don't have to pay for tax....that was my excuse for getting another bbag. Talk about penny wise, dollar foolish:shame:

    So should I just get Black city? Or is it too close to the Ink? I have olive complexion and afraid of rouge vif is no no for me.

  2. wo... congrats!!! i think everyone can have more black bags :P
    balck city would be great, but if you have more colours in mind, you should get them first :yes:
  3. black b-bags are classics to me. i think you should get one!
  4. ^yaya, I have olive complexion too, and rouge vif goes very well with olive! You should boldly venture towards rouge vif:yes:
  5. Congrats on your new work! :yahoo:
    My first bbag was also an ink...but my 2nd purchase was a black city. :smile:
    Other than at night, since ink looks black in dark lighting, I don't think they are similar at all. My ink looks either like a dark navy blue or purple most of the time. Here's a pic with the 2 colors together. Good luck! Can't wait to see your pics! :nuts: :nuts:
    100_1397 (2).JPG
  6. i have an ink city and i want a black city at some point too. so the answer is yes!
  7. i think you should venture out into the rouge vif
    haha be adventorous but i also think the black is classic
  8. Black City is my all time favorite purse.
  9. :graucho:Another vote for YES!

    Or wait for the anthracite ;)
  10. ^^ yeeeeeeeeeeees!!! :party:
  11. wow... your ink does look like purple to me there :P
    great color combos on your city :yes:
  12. You can never go wrong with black! It will always go with everything!:yes:
  13. Yes, you NEED a black City! :graucho: Everyone needs a black City in their collection.
  14. Black sounds great!!!
  15. Congrats!!!

    no one ever regrets buying black (do they??) :smile:
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