Should I get Birkin 25cm..

  1. I have Gold Birkin 30cm already. Birkin 25cm with the same color and same plate is available. 25 cm is so cute!!! But I am hesitating b/c it is the exactly the same bag except the size. But it is SOOOOO cute! What should I do?
    One more question, what do you guys think about kelly clutch? Is it worth to get it for ~little over $3000 for such a small bag?
  2. I would get a Kelly if you need a small bag. Birkins are meant to be bigger, IMO.
  3. I def. would not get a 25cm, if you already have a 30cm in the same exact color, jmo.
  4. Hi Aspen, if I already have a Gold Birkin 30cm, I would not get the exact bag in 25cm.

    As for the Kelly clutch, it depends whether you'll get use out of it. It's very chic & elegant for evenings. I'm happy with my Kelly 28cm or my Chanel 2.55 :smile:
  5. I LOVE the Kelly clutch but the B 25 only in a fun, bright color. I'd pass and get the clutch!
  6. aspenmartial - i know which one you're talking about. The 25cm Birkin is super cute and actually VERY functional. I have the 25cm bicolor, and it holds exactly what I need for day. BUT, since you already have gold, I think a different color would be better for you. Did you see the purple 25cm?

    The Kelly clutch is gorgeous. However, I think you're probably better off buying another Birkin or Kelly that can be used more often.:idea:
  7. I agree with everyone else- you'll be much happier if you wait for another color. If you want a smaller Hermes, I also recommend the Kelly. Plus, to me, the Birkin loses a lot of elegance when it gets that small.
  8. Does anyone have a picture of the Birkin 25cm??
  9. I think you should wait for another color.
  10. Thank you very much guys!
  11. Skip the little one and get another bag...
  12. It's FABULOUS!:heart: :heart: :heart: OMG!

    Ok. Back to's a stunning bag but a very formal one IMO. Are you looking for something formal?
  13. no...thanks my dreams I guess. Need to get back down to earth too!! :smile:
  14. Beautiful - but the price!!! Yikes....I think a 30 would be better for is stunning though!