should i get another classic flap?

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  1. i'm thinking of buying another classic medium or e/w flap in caviar or lambskin. should i hold off since i just recently acquired a luxe bowler in black? for some reason, i just LOVE the classic flaps. any suggestions?
  2. totally! i absolutely LOVE the classic flaps. pretty much my whole chanel collection are classic flaps and its variations!

    if you can get your hands on a red caviar, its a gorgeous bag!
  3. I'd buy now because w/the price increases, the bag may be 2500.00 by next year. :tdown:
  4. hmm, i like the red lambskin more than the caviar. Perhaps a white caviar with silver HW? perfect for summer...
  5. i recently bought the white medium caviar with silver hardware and absolutely adore it. which brings me to question whether i really "love" the bowler. i took so long to find a brand new bowler. but lately, ever since using my classic flap, i've been questioning whether to sell my luxe bowler and get a black classic flap instead since i think it looks better on me. what do you think? am i crazy for doing this?
  6. i absolutely adore my med. flap as well. i have never tried on the med. bowler myself, but from the pictures i've seen on this board, it is a gorgeous bag.
  7. I think you gotta go with your gut and your heart. It sounds like you're a huge fan of the flaps. I know I am so I would sell the bowler for a medium black flap in a heartbeat... but that's just me...

    I do like the bowler.. but I love the flap more.. so if it's an either or... I'd choose the flap. :biggrin:

    Good luck with your decision!
  8. Go with your gut instinct. you are definitely not crazy for doing this, but that bowler is really difficult to find, so just be sure that you no longer want the bowler. I remember when I received that bowler...I carried it around the house, but it just didn't feel right for me, so I went and returned the beloved bowler. I don't know if I made the right

    Ooh, you can get the black lambskin classic flap -- it would be an excellent addition. :heart:
  9. Sweetsparkle, you are not crazy at all. I think you should definitely go for what your heart calls out for -- another classic flap. Sell your luxe bowler since you like flaps more. Good luck with your decision & keep us updated. =)
  10. i think i'm going to sell my bowler then. i just love the flaps so much. i just hope i don't regret this decision because i paid an arm and a leg for the bowler! geez, sometimes my obsessions really spin out of control. NOW, should i get the lambskin or caviar black? medium or e/w?
  11. Its never a bad idea to get a new classic flap!:tup:
  12. I have a black jumbo and now I'd like one in a fashion color. I love the red. I think the flap is a very versatile bag and you can't go wrong with it. It's one CHANEL bag that I feel is still very much worth the money.

  13. Well said.:smile:
  14. I am a flap fan also....I only like the flaps for some reason;)...
  15. I'd go for caviar! You can't go wrong with a classic flap.