Should i get an S-lock bracelet?

  1. I will start off by saying I am a guy, do you think a white slock barcelet will suit? plus would anybody be able to tell me the dimensions of the circumference of the bracelet (i think it will be a tight fit so will it stretch?)
    sorry for rejecting this forum for a while, i don't have as much time on my hands and i usually read more that post
  2. I think it's ok for guy. I'm sorry I don't know its dimensions but few members on forum has it. What do you think about black nomade koala bracelet, its more masculine if you are worried about that, lol
  3. I'm so scared of scuffing nomade i don't even want to consider it lol thanks for the input anyway lol. i like the chunky casualness of it i find the koalas just to dainty
  4. I have the black nomade s-lock bracelet. I have it in the small cause I've got thin wrists but then again it's supposed to be fitted.
  5. How thin are your wrists your as small! Do you mind posting a pic (whenever no rush) yeah i agree on the fitted thing, measurements from eBay and other sources it seems like it wont fit (by 1/2 a cm or so) but im wondering about the lock does it offer some extra room and if the leather stretches at all