Should I get an Orange birkin?

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  1. I have been drooling over the birkin bag since I was a teenager, and now finally I am in a place to get one. I had a couple colors I like, my first of which was the black 35 cm ghw, but I will have to wait a long time.

    I now have to the opportunity to buy an orange 35 cm with ghw, this was actually a color on my list, one of my friends is saying not to get it because she thinks it's too garish.

    I think it would actually go well with a lot of the stuff I wear, which is mostly classic style( think Olivia Palermo), a lot of black white with some quirky and bold prints thrown in (like DVF, Pucci ETC), I figure it's fun for someone in their 20's ( I'm 28), and I am thinking I can get away with it since I live in LA.

    What do you think, is the orange GHW too garish, or classy?
  2. orange with GHW is gorgeous! go for it!!! orange goes with loads of colours...

    it is such a happy colour too IMO. my orange kelly makes me smile all the time..:smile:
  3. I think orange is a great bright color to get, more versatile than, say, pink.
    I have an orange Kelly and I use it a lot. It is a nice thing to wear with neutral color clothes when I don't feel like looking all neutral.
    My orange Kelly has PH, but to be honest I would have been fine with it having GH. It seems it's hard enough these days to find a Birkin or Kelly in the color you want. Unless you personally see the bag and think it's too garish, there is no reason to listen to your friend. Everyone is different.
  4. Orange with GHW! Absolutely classy and will go great with neutral colours, go for it!!
  5. personally i had this issue feeling it would be too much hermes because its the iconic color on the iconic bag!!! but after some time and several birkins i was able to find a poitiron, different but orange in the end, shoulder birkin. and as you know the shulder birkin is big and mine is very orange, and i could not love it more!!!. its classic it goes beautifully with anything you wear especially with GHW, that is the only thing i would change on mine. but in all honesty its just wonderful so if you have the chance to get this bag from a good source hopefully the boutique go for it darling !!!!! you wont regret it .............and your friend will be orange with envy .........just kidding but again go for it !!!!!!! so much more than black any other brand can make black, and i have black but with H color is so much more and so much better!!!! all the best and hope it helps darling. birkel.
  6. I agree! Smiles are always a great thing!
  7. Yes, yes, yes!!

    I have Orange with GHW and have never regretted it
    I live in a "conservative" city and work in a "conservative" profession but it has never looked out of place and has received lots of compliments

    All the best deciding
  8. One word: YES!!!
  9. Get the orange! Unless you wear a lot of orange and are trying to match, this color will go with everything!
  10. GET IT!! have seen orange birkins and kellies countless times and they are never anything short of stunning. it's such a striking colour yet so pleasing on the eye. if you don't buy it I will!! :lol:
  11. I saw this distinguished and elegant older lady out in a hotel yesterday: she had on a quietly conservative outfit and must have been in her 70s, walking along slowly and carefully. What made her outfit totally pop was the shot of bright H orange. In her case, it was a lindy, but it made me think of H orange in a totally new light. GET IT! A classic!
  12. Orange with GHW is completely dreamy. Yes!!!!
  13. If you love it, go for it :yes:!
  14. Yes
  15. This is a comon delema!
    But a great one to have
    I own Lindy silver wish it was gold metal !!!
    Shoulder birkin SH and Birkin 35 GH
    I'm looking for a shoulder Kelly in orange with SH

    So I would totally say yes get one
    Make sure it has GH!