Should I get an LV MC Aurelia or MC Speedy?

  1. I'm usually always in the Chanel forum, and I would ask my Chanel friends which LV Multicolor in white to get between the speedy and the aurelia.... but I think you LV ladies may know better about which one has more longevity. Which do you all recommend? I've tried both on, and really don't care if its shoulder or handheld, just unsure which I like more. Thanks. :yes:
  2. Speedy:love:
  3. Speedy.

    Its such an iconic/classic shape.
  4. speedy It's so pretty
  5. i normally prefer shoulder bags, so i'd say the aurelia mm. i just don't like all that hardware on the mc speedy. i usually prefer smaller accessories from the mc line, though
  6. aurelia!:love:
  7. Speedy
  8. Speedy, b/c most of Chanel handbags are shoulder bags, it will be a different piece from ur Chanel collection ^^
  9. I prefer the speedy-
  10. i'm saying: speedy!
  11. My vote is for the Speedy, not a fan of the Aurelia.
  12. Get the MC Speedy --- that is one gorgeous bag! The Aurelia is nice, too, but I don't like the open top at all. The only open-top bags I love are the Suhali Le Fabuleux and Chanel GST --- both have the zippered compartment in the middle which is great.

    Good luck with your decision!
  13. Aurelia! The speedy is a tad over-exposed.
  14. Speedy! Its sooo hot!
  15. I like the Aurelia more.