Should I get an Ink bag or wait till 2008 Ruby?

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06 Ink or 08 Ruby?

  1. Ink

  2. Ruby

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  1. I went through about 5 Ink bags in 2006. I lost money selling everytime. I just wasn't impressed with all the thin leather on Ink's in general. The thick leathered ones I saw were too matte, no distressing and felt dry and scaly. The majority were thin and sooo distressed the leather was cracking in places.

    To cut a long saga short...Should I risk trying to get an Ink bag again?

    I know of a few for sale, but it's so hard to tell from the pics if it has bad leather or not.

    On the other hand, I have money saved to buy a Ruby First in the FW08 collection.

    I know these are 2 different colours to compare, but I would be happy with either (but, I can only buy 1).

    I have been looking for a red like Rouge Theatre that is not quite as deep, but not many orange undertones. I believe Ruby is IT baby!

    So, do I spend my Ruby money on the fickleness of Ink or do I hold out out for Ruby and get the heck over INK!!!!
  2. I say wait for Ruby. If you've gone through that many Inks and haven't found the right one, maybe it's time to look at something else. I went through 1 Ink myself until I found one I was really happy with! I love Ink, but Ruby would be really gorgeous!
  3. I agree. If you've gone through a lot of Inks and weren't happy with ANY, I think you should get over the Ink and go with Ruby:tup:
  4. I voted for Ruby. If you had to return 5 Ink bags, I think it's very likely you'll be disappointed again. Better wait for a sure thing! Good luck!
  5. Ruby looks like it will be a great red - i would hold out...
  6. another vote for Ruby. It's hard to keep getting disappointed with Ink!
  7. I say Ruby too. You don't want another diasspointment with an Ink!!!
  8. Is the Ruby coming out in the Fall? I really want a red bag!
  9. Yup, as is Crimson (though it's rumored to be a much darker red). I love reds, too! When I have the funds, I'd like to get something red in every style! ...recently strayed and got my HG color Blueberry :love:, but now I'm back on track! ;)

    If you really want a red, why not get Coral from the current season? It's very nice. :yes:
  10. Yes, JIRA, I love that Blueberry of yours...
  11. Go for the Ruby:tup:
  12. i have an amazing Ink shoulder - its the most gorgeous leather ... im surprised you had so many issues with them? Id go the ruby though - its not worth it to lose money on it again ...
  13. Another vote for Ruby..:tup:
  14. oh i voted INK... *blush* I love INK... I had an INK twiggy for awhile but ended up selling to fund my trip last year.
    The reason I LOVE the INK is just coz it's a great all round colour... the more you use the bag the better the leather becomes... my twiggy became really soft and awesome after awhile - it was a pleasure to use...

    GOOD LUCK!!! :o)
  15. Ruby. Ink has just broken your heart. Plus, red is such and awesome color.