Should I get an Azur or Reg Damier Speedy?


Speedy 25 in Reg Damier or Azur?

  1. Regular Damier

  2. Damier Azur

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  1. I can't decide! I am more attracted to the Azur and I think it will go better with my wardrobe, but I know that regular damier is more classic and durable (color-wise, anyways).
  2. I vote for the Regular Damier. I like how carefree it is. But my favorites are really the Mini Lin

  3. I like both actually. But the damier may be more durabla than azur.
  4. I voted for azur. Even though i'm starting to like the damier ebene I still prefer azur
  5. Azur. It's so pretty in light colors.
  6. My vote goes towards Azur too. It's gorgeous!
  7. those are both gorgeous... but since I have plenty damier already..I'd buy the Azur...

    with damier...I feel carefree...bec. I don't have to worry about getting it dirty...

    I haven't had I'm excited to have one too ;)
  8. Azur!!! I have it and love it!!
  9. I say Azur. I have both and I love both....but my Azur definitely gets more compliments.
  10. I have both and I really love both of them but my vote goes to reg damier. Azur is really pretty and I love using it during summer: it's so light and fresh. It really gets more compliments than the regular one. But the regular damier is more care free and it goes perfectly with almost everything in my wardrobe any season. :smile:
    If it was summer I'd probably vote for Azur.. :p
  11. If the Azur will go better with your wardrobe it will be a better choice. You'll use it more. It's always annoying when you're getting dressed and realize you can't carry the bag you'd planned on because it's not a good look with your boots or jacket or whatever - you're always having to work around that.
  12. I voted for ebene since it seems to be a more "all season" color combo, but that's just what I would choose. If you're leaning towards the azur I'd say go for it... you can't go wrong with either one, IMO. :tup: However, resale value is higher for the ebene if you ever want to sell it.
  13. I say regular damier.
  14. Azur! It's the best ever out of Damier! :smile: Since you know it matches ur wardrobe, I guess its best to buy something out of the norm! Haha!
  15. I voted regular damier!