Should I get an Adios Star??

  1. I've been agnozing over whether I should get an Adios Star Buon Viaggio or Campeggio. Since it's 40% off at the outlet I know it's a good deal. I am concerned that I may not get a good print placement but I don't really care what characters I get except that I would just like some characters on it if you know what I mean. The thing is my mom offered to get it for me since it was on sale. Granted it's not money out of my hands...but I think will I not use it because it's "white" and will it get super dirty?? I'd be using it as a diaper bag and winter's coming so who knows what muck I might encounter.

    Would you get one? I only have a Buon Viaggio in Paradiso and my other dream bag would be a bag in Inferno but they are hard to come by at a reasonable price.
  2. its ok if they get dirty... just use a magic eraser and they are brand new :smile:! i say get whatever one is more suitable for you. i dont own a campeggio, but i did have a BV. i really like that style better... because im more of a handbag/tote girl than a messenger bag girl :smile:
  3. I really love my AS bag. I've been using my gioco for the last few weeks and I like it a lot. I'm somewhat cautious about it and where I put it. I am "very" cautious when walking past my dirty car or between other vehicles. That's really the only time I overly concerned. Who knows you may end up loving the print if you decide to get it!
  4. I bought one and I haven't used it yet for the same reason. I have two kids and given the white background I just knew the first day I carried it it would get a gross smear on it. I hadn't thought about the magic eraser, that is a good idea. The bag I got has a lot of characters, too. It has Sandy, the baby with the japanese flag diaper, some chili pepper devils, a piece of candy...
  5. I've got one, and I do love it. I will be spraying some Scotchguard on the bag to keep dirt and stains from setting.

    I think the AS in campeggio would be ideal... :heart:
  6. Ahh yes...see the dirty car thing is my main problem when I have to get two boys and a stroller in and out of my car which my husband calls a dirt magnet. I conflicted. I caught on to Tokidoki so late and now I feel like man I missed out on the perfect "me" bag. I like a lot of the older prints! I shall go stew some more I guess. But thank you all for your input.
  7. If you're worried about dirt, I think a Trasporto campeggio would be a good option... the background is gray so it won't show dirt, and the little characters are so cute IRL! PM me for a discount on Trasporto...
  8. LOL......oh, i forgot to mention I've got three kids, so I'm right there with ya! It's really not as bad as you may think, the purse getting dirty and all. But, I'll add that my kids are out of diapers and my baby is 4 yrs. now. So, I might think differently about it carrying bottles and a baby spitting up.......hmmmm.......
  9. Sent you a PM. Thank you so much!!
  10. Yeah my baby is 6 months old...not much of a spitter-upper but still. These bags are totally killing me. I love them soooo much but being a stay at home mom I feel like i can't justify the bags...not to say that I don't work but man getting that paper check in you hands make you feel that much different. This may sound like a bit freakish but I got all bothered when I checked my Paradiso after a month of use and I found some dirty spots on the bottom of all places. Hehehehe goodness I'm a nut when it comes to my things.
  11. I'm SAHM too! :tup: You deserve to splurge every now and then, if your able. Although I love AS, maybe Transporto is the way to go.......:rolleyes:
  12. Happy to help!! :tup:
  13. I second gingie - you should get a trasporto if you like the print! I think the gray will be a lot more forgiving... :yes:
  14. it does get smudges on it. whatever side is touching your body will turn black (or whatever color you wear often). but yea... dont worry about it. magic eraser = works wonders!
  15. AS print totally grew on me. i hated the print at first but now i love it. it's different from the other prints!