Should I Get A....


Which Balenciaga should I get as my first bag?

  1. City

  2. Work

  3. Day

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. City or a work? This will be my first Balenciaga, I've admired them for a while but LV, Gucci and Chanel have always seemed to get the most attention :back2topic: I like the city but I think it might be TOO small for all the things that I carry with me on a daily basis, but the work looks overbearing when I look at it on pictures of different celebs and pf members, please help, I am so confused HEY, what about the day, that one looks really functional enough for me also :upsidedown: HELP MEEEEEE!:blink:
  2. the city isnt that much smaller than the work IMO, but it has that handy shoulder strap. there is a new bag coming out as well, called the part-time that is in between the work and city, maybe you should consider that size if the city is too small and the work too large...
  3. i would say city. i also bring a LOT of things, and city is ok with me.
  4. if you think the work looks overbearing, then i would go for the city for your first balenciaga. personally, for me the work is my favorite.
  5. I have fallen hard for Day :love: I have a Box, City, Twiggy & a Day, and *touch-wood* if I'm forced to sell all but one, it will definitely be the Day I'll be keeping!!! Roomy and slouchy, my FAV!:heart:
  6. work, work, work :tender:
  7. I don't know a thing about balenciaga handbags, guess who?
  8. Honestly, I like the size of the city alot, but in light of the crap that i have to carry for work, I picked work.

    I haven't seen the partime, but it is just a shorter version of work, i wish they can make one that is taller and less wide.

    Good luck!
  9. The strap on the City seals the deal for me! I'm tempted by the Work but I reeeeally love that strap.
  10. I just got my first bbag and had the same debate. I went w/a rouge vif day/hobo. I love having it on my shoulder. It is so light!! I can put as much or as little and it still looks great the way it drapes.

    I think it does also depend on your height. I am 5'9'', so the length of the hobo doesn't bother me... here is a pick:

  11. Love it, tabbyco!
  12. tabbyco---your Rouge Vif Hobo is beautiful!!!:heart:

    bagasms---my vote goes for the City. I think it's the perfect 1st Bbag. It's quite roomy. There is a thread somewhere that shows how much can fit in each style and a *lot* can fit in the City. It also has a detachable shoulder strap.
  13. The city is a good first bag.
  14. I voted for a City...but, how much stuff do you carry with you on a daily basis? Because the Hobo may be a good size too! I am really starting to fall for the hobo.

    Tabbyco...your Rouge VIF hobo looks fabuuuuuulous on you!!! :love: :love: :love:
  15. hey ya!!!
    i voted for a CITY... if you dont get a CITY then totally go for a WORK!!! good luck!!!