Should I get a white MC Sologne?

  1. It looks so cute and I like messenger bags alot. I wanted a White MC Rift but can't justify the price for such a small bag.

    Does anyone have it?

    Any pics of a member wearing one?

    Thank you!!
  2. If you love it get it!
  3. I think it's cute. If you like it you should get it!!!
  4. Virgo, yes, i reckon you should get one!!! hehehe!
  5. i love it.
  6. The more I look the Sologne the more I think it has an 80s vibe :cry:

    Its cute but maybe its not for me.

    FYI, I found one on ebay for a BIN of $600 so it seemed like a good deal. MPRS auction too.
  7. I agree with the '80's vibe thing- the small size combined with it's long strap that causes it to sit at the hip attributes to it. But what about the Boulogne or one of the Lodges? Both are shoulder bags but with more contemporary shilouettes. :biggrin:
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  8. Hello,
    I just purchased the MC Black Rift. It's my first LV purse. I know the price was so much higher than I expected, but it matches everything that I pretty much wear, it looks good with dress clothes, and good for the weekend. I wanted a bag that I could use and enjoy for pretty much everyday. It's a beautiful bag. For my first LV bag, the price was high, I could of got a variety of other LV bags that were bigger. I normally do not carry hand held purses, so the rift was small, but to my surprise, it fit my cell phone, pen, lip gloss, and wallet. My brother could not believe how much my purse actually costed. Later on, I will buy other LV purses. I'm enjoying my Rift. Its different when you own it, you appreciate and love the bag more. I remember visiting LV website, and seeing what shoulder bag I wanted. I kept going back to the Muliticolor Rift in Black. The white Rift also looked very nice, but I was afraid I would not be able to keep it white, as my plans were for an everyday purse. For my next LV purse, It will be a Monogram Canvas. Sorry to go on and on about my Rift. I love my purse.
  9. My mom has the black Sologne and she loves it but only uses it for certain occasions that don't require her to carry a ton of stuff..I'll see if I can dig up the picture of her with it.
    It's not exactly a messenger bag so the room is limited but it's a really cute bag!
  10. I say get it... it's a cute bag. :smile:
  11. Wow you really can't see it as much as I thought since my mom has her arm over it. But I can take a new picture of it on me tomorrow if you want.
  12. i love this style... but the rooms is sooo small. it won't fit my things :P