Should I get a Watercolor papillon?

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  1. I need some opinions please. So far I've got 2 Speedies (Mirage & Epi) and I've been wanting to get another something in Watercolor.

    Should I go for yet another WC Speedy or go for something different like the WC Papillon just for variation? I love love the WC design but am stuck as to which to choose now.

    Personally, I think the speedy in any design is so iconic and classic. But does anyone here think the papillon is also nice? It's different but I'm wondering if it'll look nice in casual clothes like jeans and stuff...

  2. I don't love the Papillon normally but I do really like it in Watercolor if that makes any sense. It is a really pretty bag. Have you tired on or carried a Papilon before to make sure you like the shape and feel of it?
  3. Personally I prefer the watercolour Speedy. But watercolour is gorgeous at any rate so if you love it, I say go for it!
  4. After getting the WC Speedy, I kind of kicked myself for not getting the Papillon. I LOVE my Speedy, and it's one bag I would never ever get rid of, but I think the Papillon is really cute! Also, the Papillon is much cheaper than the Speedy, so at leas you would save some money. I say go for it!
  5. no, i havent tried it on. Normally, when I walk into the boutique the damier papillons don't catch my eye. But there's something abt the watercolor that makes it look special......
  6. I love the papillon, and I do think it looks the best in watercolor, and miroir- I say get it, I know I want one!
  7. Agreed and I think there is your answer - Get It!! Then post pictures :biggrin:
  8. I vote for WC Speedy! Just not a fan of the papillon shape
  9. I love the papillon shape, have one in ebene. I like the east-west shape, it's much easier to take stuff out than the speedy. And I'm assuming the WC is the size 30 so it's a good size. I've never seen the WC IRL but I can only imagine it's more gorgeous than the pics. Go for it!
  10. I'm not really a fan of Papillon in general but in Watercolor I think it is really cute. I considered getting one myself. Unique and I think will become a collectable. Go for it!
  11. I have a fondness for papillon, so I vote yes!
  12. Thank you all!!!
  13. YES! I have the wc papillon and in fact carried it today! It's absolutely beautiful, although I am not crazy about the papillon shape...not the most functional (barrel shape with no pocket/compartment). I have the white wc speedy 30 too and am madly in love :love: The watercolor is indeed an amazing line!
  14. i'm actually not a fans of the papillon bag but i have the WC in speedy and i love it in this style.
  15. Yes, get it! The papillon WC is adorable