Should I get a vernis wallet?


Jun 4, 2007
I am hunting for a nice zippy wallet and am eyeing the newest grey vernis. I own epi, monogram and multicolore before, and just wondering how will the vernis leather hold up? I heard it is a really hard-to-maintain material, and that scares me alittle as I dont really baby my wallet, or have the time and patience to do so...

anyone own a vernis wallet here? how is it holding up? and does it get stained easily?

Jul 3, 2006
I have a pomme vernis 4 key holder that has been used daily for many years and still looks great. It's been thrown in all my purses with no problem. I also have a framboise full size zippy which also looks good. Two things if you're thinking about a vernis zippy. First, pick a dark color. While I love the Gris - it's really beautiful - where you are more likely to get color transfer from receipts, paper, newspaper, etc., is on the lighter patents. I do have to worry about this with my framboise too which makes it a little less carefree. It hasn't happened yet, but the worry is there. The second thing is something that most people don't think about. The fabric. All the fabric around the zipper. It's just like cotton duck and it can get dirty. From your hands and fingers, change, crumbs in your bag, pen marks, anything. Mine has already gotten dingy. While I was able to use a Tide to Go stick, that can be a little nervewracking next to the patent. It has made it so that I often go back to my Porte tresor international in mono rather than use my vernis zippy every day, even though I love it. It's not a concern with my daughter's mono zippy. It also wouldn't be a concern with amarante or bleu nuit as much. So, if you pick a dark color, you not only have the plus of not worrying about color transfer on the actual patent, but less worry about the fabric zipper. Finally, on light vernis, over time, the edges can darken, just like with epi. It's just normal usage. I fell in love with the Gris 4 key holder, but it won't be my choice because I know within a year of really heavy use, the edges will be dark and it won't look nice. Even my Pomme one has a few spots, but you don't notice them because it's dark. Sorry this is long, it's just people don't always think about the fabric zippers. I gave my white multicolor cles with pink interior to m daughter because the white fabric zipper got really dingy and I hated how it looked. She's young, in college, and because she loved the multicolor, she either didn't notice or didn't care. I'm really conscious of my things looking nice and clean. I'd buy the amarante or bleu nuit without a heartbeat, although amarante does show fingerprints. Pomme is nice too. Just something to think about. Hope this helps!
Jan 15, 2010
That's great advice charleston-mom, you have certainly given me some things to think about too. I was tossing up between the zippy vernis in either grey or blue, but I think I'll choose the blue now! :smile:


Dec 15, 2009
I have a vernis agenda in a light color and it got dirty quite easily and the dark smudges won't come out. So I would recommend one in a darker color. But vernis is a really good choice.


Jun 4, 2007
Hi Charleston-mom and Forsyte,

thanks so much for the insight!!

I really do like Gris, it is love at first sight :smile:) ... so you think that color is still consider light ya?
I also considered amarante .... but the finger prints will really bother me ...


Dec 26, 2009
Good point about the zip fabric, thank you Charleston-mom... I have seen many zippy wallets with very dirty bits next to the zip. I love this wallet, but because of this, I think I'm going to get a Sarah instead. Any concerns about vernis Sarah?


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Mar 7, 2006
I think that vernis is very durable; however, if you know that you're really hard on things, I think that you should go with canvas. It's more worry-free.

I have two (2) vernis SLG's and have had no problems at all. Both are bleu nuit, though.
Oct 7, 2009
I have the vernis zippy in pomme. Only have it since Christmas so can't really comment on the long term but...I keep it in my bag wrapped in the cloth it came with (around the bottom) so I can just take it out of my bag without showing that it's wrapped up!


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May 5, 2008
I have vernis accessories in pomme and violette and haven't had any problems. And I'm really hard on my pomme agenda. It gets thrown all over my desk, on papers, receipts, colored folders, water rings, everything.
Jul 3, 2006
I think pomme, violet, amarante, bleu nuit are all dark and would be fine, and yes, unfortunately, I would consider the gris as light colored. The fabric is a very light grey and would get dirty really easily.

I like the vernis sarah too. It's a nice wallet. Again, I wouldn't pick a light color because of color transfer and the edges. I would still go with pomme, amarante, or bleu nuit. I do love vernis, it's just not as carefree.

I will say that if I had to put my wallet in a dust bag, that would drive me absolutely crazy. I don't like to worry about things. I honestly wouldn't worry too much about pomme. It's pretty dark and carefree.


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Mar 30, 2008
There are a ton of threads on the durability of Vernis & SLGs. You can also check out the Vernis thread in the clubhouse where there are plenty of pictures of Vernis items that have been around a long time.


Jan 22, 2010
Los Angeles
Definitely get a vernis wallet!! Like charleston mom said before, it will get dirty. But, if you keep the inside of your purse nice and clean, you will keep your gris looking beautiful!! I have a ZCP in Pomme and a Sarah in Rose Pop that I bought in January and they both still look brand new--like if I took them back to the store they wouldn't notice they were used (but I'm not going to do this!) I always keep any food in my purse inside a ziploc bag, and I also store my mints and gum inside ziplocs so they don't get everywhere.

So I guess the point I am trying to make is if you have a clean purse, get the wallet you want. If you tend to overstuff your purse and have a lot of things loose inside it, get a darker vernis!

Good luck :biggrin:


Jun 30, 2009
Texas Yall!
Vernis SLGs are so beautiful in all their colors especially the wallets because they get used everyday and most will use them for years and years...bang for the buck! Buy whatever color makes your heart flutter, light or dark. Keep in mind that anything you buy with normal daily usage WILL show signs of wear and tear, it's inevitable. You don't have to overly baby your wallets, just don't bang it around like it's a $20 wallet. I have the orange sunset sarah and she's devine!