Should I get a Trasporto Zucca or Campeggio?

  1. I am torn between the 2..:confused1:... I love both styles. I love how trasporto looks on the Zucca but I am picky with placement and none of the ones on eBay I like. And Zucca sometimes are a pain to wear when I am out with my daughter because it always slides down my arm (because I am always after my super hyper little :angel:/:devil:smile:.... I love campeggio because it a hands free bag. Also it is cheaper then the Zucca which is good because I am saving up for Vacanze. But I dont know how I feel about it with trasporto. But campeggio is bigger so I get more of the print.. *sigh*:hrmm: I dont know which one I should get. I can only get 1 of trasporto, so which one do you have and love?
    Post pics if you have either Campeggio or Zucca, please.. Thanks guys...:tup:
  2. I just recived my Trasporto Campeggio today and I love it, so it gets my vote. I can post pics next week, my digital camera cable is in Poland right now. :p
  3. I would go for the campeggio, especially if you need your hands free for chasing after little ones. I think the campeggio is bigger than the zucca, and the bags with front pockets are great for small prints like trasporto - more chances to get your fav characters
  4. I'd say go for the campeggio! you save money, get more print, and its more practical for you ^__^
  5. I had this problem too. i'd say the campeggio is more versatile (across body so it stays on better, or on the shoulder, and it is big so can store a lot and have a lot more of the print. however the zucca is stylish and cute and the print isnt broken up.

    I decided on a campeggio as it is more useful, I suppose if you need a bag that will stay on more securely when running after little ones I agree with the rest, a campeggio is best practically and financially :okay:
  6. I vote for Zucca. In the long run they seem to be more popular and harder to come by. Also because I sold my perfect gorgeous Pirata Zucca and I'm really regretting it and missing her right now. :sad:

    I have the Zucca in Trasporto and I think the print is just so perfect for that bag. But I love the Stellina style too and can see how the Campeggio is a bit more convenient.

    Good grief, someone stop me, I'm no help at all!

  7. I vote for Campeggio! Especially since you're a mommy the pockets & compartments will be super useful :biggrin:
  8. I will choose trasporto campeggio as my travel bag. I like to use this print when I am in vacation.:wlae:
  9. I have both the zucca and campeggio in trasporto. I love them both, but... if I had to choose, I would choose campeggio. I think the "floating characters" of trasporto look really good on the campeggio. Other prints get too broken up. You also get more of the print. Good luck!
  10. I love my Trasporto Campeggio. I especially like it because it is one of the few prints you can get in Campeggio that doesn't really cut any of the scene up.
  11. LoL damn you j/k... I hate that I can only pick thats why I have a Pirata Zucca and Campeggio because I couldnt just keep hmm I am going to go searching for pics to see which one I pick... Both are just so cute...:love::love:
  12. I love my Trasporto Campeggio. It's a great style for the Campeggio since the print is small and it doesn't get too chopped up. Here are pics of mine:


  13. Wow!!! Nice Trasporto Campeggio, gabes_mommy!! I'm torn between the Campeggio & Zucca too but I will get the Zucca first since I can use it for work.
  14. That's pretty funny, because I'm torn as well, but between the Famiglia Zucca or the Buon Viaggio.

    I'd say go with the Campeggio since you need your hands free, and you can swing the Campeggio across your chest when you need to chase your dear little one.
  15. I vote Campeggio. Like wander and angelic*ruin say, since it's not a scenic print, the pockets don't really chop it up. I think this is one of the prints that works really well on a Stellina or Campeggio.