should i get a tahitiennes or neverfull AND DA belt?

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which bag should i get?

  1. tahitiennes pink PM

  2. tahitiennes lilac GM

  3. neverfull MM ~and~ damier azur initiales belt 40 to go with my damier azur saleya

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  1. i really like the beige color, but my store has two different bags for me (waitlisted)... pink pm and lilac gm. which should i get?

    or should i just not get either and get a neverfull MM and also a damier azur belt to go with my saleya?

    i'm 5'5" 115#
  2. the initial belt sounds hot!!!
  3. Go for the Pink PM. It is adorable IRL!
  4. Neverfull and Azur belt for your Saleya !
  5. I love the lilac PM! So cute :love:
  6. Neverfull and belt, you can use these all year round. The tahitiennes is more of a Summer bag.
  7. Neverfull and belt hands down!
    First of all the Neverfull is just THE bag, it will be, as MatAllston said, used all year round, when the Tahitiennes just won't.
    And the belt is pretty amazing as well, specially if you already have a bag to go with it!
  8. i love the lilac GM. if not get the PM but definitely in LILAC!
  9. For sure get the belt. I do love the tahitiennes a bit more than the neverful but like the others have said you can use the neverfull year round.
  10. get the pink pm it's so hot! i will get one by the end of the summer.
  11. I like the size of the Pink but the color of the Lilac (but you knew that from the fb message lol).

    So I'd just go with the Neverfull and belt. :P
  12. Neverfull and belt
  13. neverfulllllll.....
  14. I would say get the rose/pink color right now since it will be a long time before the sand color becomes available. I was lucky, I got mine in sand color yesterday; only being on the wait list for about 1 week before I got mine. I do like the Neverfull MM as well though, I own a Neverfull PM, but it can only hold so much. I would love to get a Salaya for myself, but have to wait since I have already got me a Tahitiennes.....
  15. Get the Lilac GM! :tup: