Should I get a SS Bright Yellow GSH city?

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Should I get a SS 08 Lemon Yellow GSH City?

  1. Yipee, definitely

  2. Huh? Too shocking

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  1. Now that the EB GSH city has eluded me since I took so long to decide, my next consideration is the BRIGHT CHEERY yellow.

    Some may feel that it's too:confused1:yellow while some think that it's a :smile:colour. Should I?
  2. yes. if it makes u happy. Why not.
  3. ^^Exactly! If you love it, you should get it!
  4. Thanks, I'm going to :wtf::wtf::wtf:for it this time and decide quickly. I'm tempted to pop into "the fine city" Bal store to check out EB GSH City.

    PS: Is your fine city the fine city I mention, I wonder:rolleyes:
  5. It gets NO:tdown: for me coz it's my corporate colour!!! OK seriously I am not so much a fan of yellow, I do love Jaune but not this sunshine-y Bouton D'or. BUT colours are a personal taste, if you like it, I say GO FOR IT coz you know best if it works for your wardrobe or your skintone.

    Before you down to BalSG, maybe you can give them a call? I don't r'ber seeing SGH EB City when I was there earlier this week.
  6. I haven't seen it IRL so I can't say much, but I'm not really a Yellow fan (unless it's Jaune, now THAT's a different story!) so I would have to say no.

    But if you have seen it and like it, why not ;)
  7. I voted no...But if it makes you happy you shouldn't care what we all think. It is a very happy colour! I love yellow, I love the 04 Yellow actually...If I could get something in between Jaune and Bouton D'Or Yellow, I would jump right in probably get it in a Weekender!
  8. oooh i love jaune... as for bouton it'll be cute in a first or accessories!
  9. was hoping for a neon yellow first :graucho: ~ but i hear it is a v strong buttercup yellow :sad: ~ if you like the sound of this then go for it! ~ i can't wait to see all the pics!
  10. I don't like Jaune but the Bouton d'Or has my name on it!:tup:
  11. I am afraid the new 08 yellow is going to be tooooo yellow for me, but you should take a look IRL at the EB and the new yellow and get what you love best! I don't think the yellow has arrived yet though........
  12. I love the color- I'm going to get something but I don't know what. But if you have to ask, are you trying to talk yourself into it?
  13. Lucky you, you got EB GSH City.:tup:It's sold out by the time I want to get it. I like yellow but I'm afraid it's too:wtf:
  14. Dear pinkboudoir and pinkiestarlet,

    Aloharag has a Jaune City
  15. if it makes you happy, who cares if it's too shocking? that's what we love about balenciaga anyway!