Should I get a Speedy 35 or a Deauville?

  1. Which is a better bag in your opinion? I only have a damier speedy 25, damier sophie, and mono pochette and want to get my next LV when I go to NY this weekend. I have seen modeling pics of both bags here, but if there are more modeling pics of both bags and comparison pics I will greatly appreciate it. :okay:
  2. Oh my gosh I love both of them! I say the Deauville though, then the Speedy !
  3. I would say speedy 35..... very chic!!
  4. I would go for the deauville, I have one and I really like it. It will be alot heavier than the speedy 35, but its great for organization because of the pockets inside. I have the speedy 30 and I love that too.
  5. I think i'd go for the deauville!
  6. I just sold a Deauville and want a Speedy 35 now :yes:

    I had a 30 and loved that bag so much but wanted a tad bigger.

    But both bags are great IMO.

    I did like the Deauvilles inside pockets, but the Speedy seemed bigger inside and I like that better.
  7. Speedy 30 in mono
  8. Love the pockets in the Deauville. Have enough trouble finding stuff in my 25, four more inches for stuff to hide would be trouble! I imagine the 35 is larger if only because any shape can go in but I did use the Deauville as an overnight bag this summer.
  9. speedy 35
  10. i am still torn between the speedy 35 and deauville. i really like the pics i see of girls with the deauville. the speedy 35 i really like the look on jessica, even though i don't really like her.
  11. Another vote for Deauville ;)
  12. Deauville, but with a strap to save the trouble of any heavy lifting!
  13. Deauville
  14. Deauville!

    I know this isn't one of the options, but I'm gonna throw this out... What about an MC Trouville? :biggrin:
  15. I prefer the Speedy...the Deauville looks like a beauty case IMO!