Should I get a Speedy 30?

  1. Wrestling with thoughts here. I want to buy a big bag, to commemorate my first ever real paycheck! I worked hard this summer and now I want to splurge!

    i love the shape and size of the Speedy. I would definetely get a lot of use out of it because I need a big bag that matches everything. If I am going to spend $500+ I want to buy a bag that fits everything I need to carry and matches just about every outfit. This is my first ever real designer bag (save my mom's Burberrys, LVs and some random cheap Pradas and coaches I have). I really don't know anything about Louis Vuitton so please forgive me if I sound ignorant. I've been trying to read up on LV!

    But I do have a few concerns.

    This is one of the most faked handbags! I love LV and I know this sounds shallow but I don't want to carry a bag that everyone thinks I bought on Canal Street. I guess I should just appreciate the fact that *I* know its real. Also, sometimes I feel like LV is overdone/"everyone has it" and other times I feel like LV is a down-right classic that will be in style for years upon years. All you Speedy owners - do you still carry your Speedy regularly? if I bought this bag I would carry it pretty much everyday - I hope I won't look too "passe" doing that. Oh, and I am a college student. I hope this bag isn't too boring for a 19 year old. But don't worry, I would never, ever carry a LV to a frat party or anything haha.

    Sorry for sucha long post! I would love to hear your guys' thoughts. I am going to LV tonight after work to check out some bags.
  2. I'm aware of fakes also but I'm confident because I know mine is real, if someone doubts your bag then they clearly don't know enough about LV and voids their opinion :smile:

    I love my Speedy, I don't regret it, I've always admired them.

    Go for got! (got?, I mean go for IT! :nuts:)
  3. The speedy 30 was my first LV almost 3 years ago. I still love it as much as the first time I carried it and it still looks great. You can't go wrong with a speedy.
  4. I am planning on getting the Azur Speedy 30 in a couple of days. Because I like the mono but I agree I feel it is so faked and I don't want everyone assuming it's from Canal Street.

    People in my town probabyl won't even know the Azur is a Louis Vuitton. LOL that's how bad it is. They all have fake Louis Vuitton mono and Coaches.

    But I say if you don't care what other people think and you are content with you just knowing it's real then get it. Like everyone says it is really classic and matches tons. I do kinda feel it is boring for ME... I'm 19 as well... So I prefer the Azur because IDK it'sdifferent.

    Well I hope you like what you get! Good luck!
  5. I LOOOVE the Azur but I don't really have a need for it right now! I will probably definetely get it next summer for Christmas maybe. The Azur doesn't really match anything I own. I'm really matchy-matchy, so

    My hometown is a really wealthy area - LVs, Chanels and Prada are like candy here. I'm just worried about at college...Iheartcoach - people would think the same thing in my college town! They wouldn't even know the Azur or the damier is LV, lol.

  6. Despite how much I want to use my bag I wouldn't use it for University .. I have too many books anyhow but I feel comfortable leaving it at home :smile:
  7. Get it. You will know it is authentic. A classic LV bag that belongs in every collection, IMO.
  8. You will love the Speedy 30! It's so versatile and you can wear it with just about anything! I have a mono 25 and really wish I had gotten the 30.

    I have never understood the train of thought that "it's faked so much, so should I get one or not?" Who effin' cares...YOURS will be real and anyone who knows their LV will too.

  9. I bought my 1st speedy back in January, a mono 30, and can't put it down. It's a classic and goes with everything from dresses to jeans. It holds so much and is good sturdy bag. One of the best purchases I ever made!
  10. Get the mono or damier canvas speedy 30, it'll match a lot of outfits and last a lifetime. What matters the most is that you carry an authentic handbag, who cares what others think it's fake or not.
  11. I have three Speedies (Damier 30, Epi 30 in black and the Mini Lin) and I love them! They fit a lot and are a fashion classic. I don't own any regular Mono pieces because of them being the most faked and the most obvious, but you should buy whatever you like best.
  12. i know EXACTLY how you feel.

    i want to get a speedy 35 this summer because it's my first summer having a full time job and i worked hard.

    i'm also 19 =) finished my first year in university.

    as long as i know it's real, then im fine.

    hey, are you going to use it for school?

    im thinking of doing that, do u think the speedy 35 is too expensive of a bag to use for school?
  13. I say definately get it - you will love it. I feel like the difference between a real LV speedy and a fake is obvious and you shouldn't worry about people thinking it is fake - anyone who knows bags will know right away!!!!
  14. I think Speedy 30 is a great bag. If you don't want Monogram because it's too common / too faked, it's OK. I know we are not suppose to care what others think, but you feel what you feel.

    Aside from Monogram, Damier or the new Mini Lin are great choices because they are not as common and there are no vachetta to worry about.
  15. go for it!!!!