should i get a shoulder strap?

  1. im getting a carryall (if you dont know yet and you will be told repeatedly for 2 months to come) (sorry im too excited 1st bag) should i buy a keepall 55 shoulder strap to attach to either side of the handles, it will be an everyday bag, but for $300-$400 i can get awallet of something!at first i though its a definate purchase but everyone who has keepalls say they barely use it? would anoyone conderder selling me thier strap so i can get it a little cheaper?
  2. If you are going to do any kind of travelling whatsoever, I would get a strap. I use mine a lot as my carry on bag and it is so much easier to carry because of the strap. However, if your other luggage is wheeled, like the Pegase, you can always put the keepall on top and wheel both so you might not actually need the strap. I just know that I like the option of being able to use the strap especially if it's a long trek from the plane to the baggage claim.

    However, if you don't plan on using it for your carry on, and your other luggage is wheeled, like the Pegase, you can always strap the keepall on top of the wheeled luggage and wheel both so you might not actually need the strap....

    Just my two cents !
  3. Please don't waste the extra money for strap. There's no place for u to hook the strap and IMO, I don't think you need a strap for that Carryall at all.


  4. Oh, my mistake, you wouldn't be using a keepall as your everyday bag.

    D'oh !!!!! my mistake for misreading your post ! I thought you were talking about buying a keepall 55... Yes, for an everyday bag (do you mean a speedy?) I would not waste my money on a luggage strap. It would look silly IMO.
  5. For An Everyday Bag...You Probably Will Not Use The Strap
  6. no need, sweetie
  7. I don't think you need a strap.
  8. great now i have a problem!!! this is my shoulder strap story so far!!!! at first i thought its a must im travelling around the city and i want to be hands free right, i get to this forum and everyones anti-ss so i rethink it (hence the post) i ask my friends at school and thay think its way over priced and agree it will barely be used, i come here and yuo all tell me its awaste of money and in the car today my mum was like its a waste of money on the bag id i dont get the ss so im constantly bieng swiched from side to side in theis argument i dont know what to do AHHHHHHH lol
  9. If you got the Carryall, theres no place for the strap to clip onto. If you got the Keepall you can buy it with the shoulder strap, but if you get it without, you cant put the shoulder strap on it. But either way I dont think that they sell that strap on its own.

    oh that whole strap thing sucks anyways.

    I can carry my Keepall perfectly in hand or on the crook of my arm.
  10. at the store the sa said (and showed me) that you can clip the ss to either of the metal rings on the handles, id doesnt look bad like that, and she said a strap can be ordered
  11. I have a strapless keepall, and I must say it wouldn't hurt to have a strap...unless you're getting a 45, a strap would hep you out..

  12. yeah i dont acctually mind getting the strap i just want ot know that i will use it the reports i have heard here the straps dontget much use, i would prefer to buy an agenda then a strap in that case!
  13. So your getting a Keepall? If you get a Keepall bigger than the 50, you could get a strap. My cousin has the 60, and shes fine with holding it in her hand when its full and shes a really small girl. I would suggest getting the Keepall with the straps made to go on there. (because it has extra leather straps, and extra loops for the straps to clip onto. the thought of hanging a long strap on the dinky lil handle loops would be funny to me)