Should i get a saffino in double zipper or the bn1786

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  1. Bn2274 vs bn 1786:smile: if I reb the codes rit. Both of long strap same size n different in zipper. Which version should I get?
  2. Bn2274 and Bn1786, it's totally different in size and style but both of them have a double zipper.
    Bn2274 has a long strap, Bn1786 not and Bn2274 size is smaller than Bn1786.

    If you prefer bag with strap go for Bn2274 :smile:
  3. I have the BN1786 in red and caramel. I love the size.
  4. I've got the BN2274 because I love switching between shoulder strap and top handle. Depends how you like to wear it.
  5. There is another version it small size saffino too like the bn 2274 but not with a zipper on the top also with a shoulder strap wat version is dat den ? Man I'm confused with all the codes
  6. Looks like ingot the wrong code so it bn1784 don't hav double zipper , n 2274 n 1801 hav double zipper. But they r like almost same size ? Did I got dat rit this time ?  so anyone know where u can still locate a double version peonia color or bruyere or watever it called . I want pinkish color . So far I only found the one without zipper on top which Is 1874.
  7. Yes bn 2274 n bn 1801 hv a double zipper :smile: but bn1801 is smaller than bn2274....bn2274 is 33cm and bn1801 is 30cm.
    I think for Peonia color you should make a special order but Bruyere is a new color, supposed to be still available at Prada boutique :smile:
  8. I checked online it sold out :sad: