Should I get a regular love or thin?

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  1. i have white gold 4 diamond and yellow gold 4 diamond loves.
    I’d like to add a third
    Should I get a small 6 diamond rose love or get a classic 4 diamond rose??
  2. Classic 4 diamond rose! You'd have all three colors with the 4 diamond, the perfect combination IMO.
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  3. The only thing is, I am not sure if it looks too chunky.
    I kind of like how the small looks interspersed between the two classics.
    Not sure if I will regret not buying the classic though, esp with cost factored in
  4. 57750D80-BFED-428D-A8B8-CBC9FC4481A1.jpeg 95FF5860-F8B0-445B-8E7F-A6BEBB3EFF53.jpeg
    I would do the small next!
    That way you can break up your stack. I really love the way the the classic stacked with a small looks.

    Here’s some photos I found.
    I think it would look really in sandwiched between your classic loves.
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  5. Thanks!
    Should I get the 6 diamond or 10 diamond?
    SA said 6 diamond was a bit too bland but I'm not sure about 10 diamond
  6. I think some SAs will sway you in the direction of the more expensive item at times lol.
    I saw the 6 diamond and it looked lovely. I like seeing the screw motif as well, so that’s why I’m not a fan of the 10 diamond one.
    You already have some bling with your other bracelets so I don’t think it’s worth it to spend the extra money for 4 more tiny diamonds.
    The diamonds on the small bracelets are very subtle, it’s not a statement piece but more like something to compliment your other bracelets.

    I was debating between a classic love or a thin 6 diamond, but since it’s my first love I decided on the classic.
    Anyway, these are just my opinions, not set rules. I’m sure whatever you decide on will look lovely :smile:
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