Should I get a purse organizer for my new medium chanel deauville tote?


Jul 18, 2015
South Florida
Sorry, I have this handbag but find that the pockets in it are plenty for me, had not thought about using an organizer but def interested in seeing what other ladies have done. Check back and let us know what you decided to do...


Apr 5, 2012
Although I do not have your tote, I recently bought a Lanvin tote, and thought I needed an organizer. I bought a Samorga, which actually arrived from Korea very quickly. It is light as a feather and I know I will be very happy with it. Have not used the bag yet, to test it.
Jun 14, 2017
Queens, NYC
I bought several purse organizers through amazon and also several pouches. I prefer using the pouches more. I find them easier to use, more versatile and easier to find my stuff. I forget what I have in my purse organizer and I have a hard time finding my stuff. Some of the organizers can add weight to the bag especially those that are stiffer. The slouchy organizers are lighter but hard to keep their shape unless you fully stuff them.