Should I get a preloved Day as my first Balenciaga?

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I've been eyeing the Balenciaga beauties since ages now and finally want to purchase one. I'll probably get a preloved one though, since I can only justify 1000+ prices for my top fav brands haha but it looks like Balenciaga might be among the top three soon..

    In any case, I want to get a Balenciaga bag, specifically the "day" if that is the correct name. It's roundish and I'm looking to either get it in dark brown or light blue/ grey. The preloved price is 500$.

    Should I go for it or wait til I find a black, classic motorcycle bag?

    Any tips would be helpful :biggrin: :heart:
  2. Do you want to buy the Day because you like the hobo style or because it's one of the cheaper B bag styles on the preloved market? It may not be $1K but it's still $500. Save a little longer and you could get a preloved City. Depending on the color, you could get one for about $800+.
  3. If you're looking specifically for a hobo style there are several. I love the Day and have two (SO FAR) but be aware that, unless you're very petite, you'll probably have to take the bag off of your shoulder to get into it as the strap drop isn't very long. Look through the style threads at the Day, the Hobo, the Club, and the men's Day. Love my men's Day, I had the strap shortened as it's a cross body and I carry on my shoulder but it's a great bag. If you're narrow through the shoulders though you may find the strap a bit wide, but not by much. Both the Day and the men's Day have a roomy and very functional zip pocket on the front.

    I'm assuming the classic bag you're referring to is the City. Apples and oranges in terms of styles, the City is much shallower, more east-west. I find the shoulder strap a little short (you can now purchase a longer strap in limited colours), but a great satchel. Zip pocket on the front isn't as deep as the Day. IMHO anyone who falls hard for Bal will probably end up with at least one City, it's totally iconic.

    What hardware are you drawn to? That's another question...:lol: Tassels? Giant hardware with no tassels?...Sooo many choices...
  4. I really loved my day bag. Carefree and easy, but I couldn't take the strap digging into my shoulder so I sold it :sad: i did a search on this forum and seems like some people experienced the same problem but most didn't. But just wanted to throw it in for u to consider :smile:
  5. I think it depends on how the strap "settles". Mine are on the flat side so no dig.
  6. Day and City are my go-to styles. I think a day is an excellent first Balenciaga, it is very easy to carry and hassle free, I find the style very comfortable, even in the giant hardware which is heavier, (but still does not dig into my shoulder, although I don't carry a lot of stuff).

    IMO the biggest drawback to the Day is that stuff can get kind of lost in there, as it's kind of a black hole. But if you use the front pocket for your essentials (phone, keys) and use pouches for your other stuff so it's not floating around, the problem can easily be remedied.

    If you watch the market closely you can also find the occasional nice City bag between 600-700 US, but it may take some patience. The day is great, but it really depends on where your heart is. If it is with a different style, then save up for that one :smile:
  7. I bought a pre-loved black day with RGGH from Fashionphile and while I think it's just in "good " condition (they described it as very good), the fact that it has wear allows me to use it more effortlessly. I like the handle which is easier to wear than the shoulder strap on my city. Regarding cost, I bought my day for under $500. However, I did buy my metallic edge city at retail for $2125 plus tax, but I bought it during one of NM online gift card offers so it earned me a $600 gift card.
  8. thanks for all the great info! :biggrin:

    yess i meant the City! i need to educate myself on all these names haha :P

    True, i think ill go for a City at some point. just cos its such a must have!
    again, thank you!! xxx
  9. thanks for the advice :smile: ill be on the lookout for a bit longer before making any quick decisions xx
  10. oh thanks for the headsup!! this really helped xx
  11. thanks for the insight! i'll be watching the preloved market for a bit longer until i find a bag i fall in love with :biggrin: but with balenciaga, that wont be too hard haha
  12. ohh that metallic edge city sounds gorgeous! :heart:
    yeah i'll definitely be searching for similar deals like your day! congrats :smile:
    fingers crossed haha x
  13. Have fun deciding!
  14. The Day is a great first choice! I purchased a preloved City as my first B bag, now I'm looking to get a Day too[emoji4]
  15. Day Day Day for sure !!!

    Better still, Men's Day as you can do either shoulder or Cross body carrying :graucho:
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