Should i get a Pochette Cles? or what can i attach to my lv

  1. as u all should know by now (ive said it like 100 times but ill gladly say it again!) im getting a keepall in july!!! i want something to attach to one of the handles, since im a guy it cant be a scarf (i dont love that look either) but maybe a keyring or something of you who have Pochette Cles do you use them? how about the prefro line? i like it but it works out to bieng $220 (AU), the mono $150 (AU) i think the mono will just blend into the bag as its a mono bag and will just be a waste? do you guys use your Pochette Cles, im thinking for change, train tickets as i will be traveling daily? if i keep a key and attach it to the bag does it look odd or continually hit agaisnt one another? is the pocket on the prefro acctually funcitonal? and what colour is best? what are other options?
  2. plus im deciding between a medium aganda $410 (AU) i thinking one can be a birthday present (or both) i can afford them but i want to make sure i will get good use from them! im mean $200 on a coin purse is alot i probly wont have cange to put in it after that!
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  4. get the perforated line. its so much cheaper since you're getting it o/s and you can always get the mono if you change your mind later on. but the perforatioon won't always be around.

    also its looks better if you hang the perfo from the bag rather than it all being monogram.

    i like the orange one! and the perfo cles is bigger than the mono cles and would be more practical as well
  5. Oh definitely the perfo. I have the green pochette and it's really nice-I like how the color shows through. I'd go with either green or orange for that one.
  6. thanks guys!! im leaning towards it, is it big ehough to fit 1 or 2 card and a few rolled up bills to go shopping or the movies so i dont need to take a whole wallet?
  7. yes.
    it would fit cards, notes, coins and more
    its really practical.
  8. thats good its a fun extr and will suit my bag perfectly! even if i dont get a great deal of use out of it it looks great and is the perfect accessory to the bag and if i waste $220 its not the hugest deal right? i more worried if i buy an agenda for 410 and not get good use out or it plus diary refills are and arm and a leg in Australia btw is the front pocket purely a design feature and not practical becuase it looks as though thats its intedned purpose? i love the orange but i dont know wether to go for the green?
  9. naughtymanolo get the perf cles, it will be sold only for a short time. i have the green perf cles :yes: i attach it to whatever bag i carry, i love it :heart: very useful, i use it store my car keys so i dont have to go fishing for it in my bag, when i travel i usually put my hotel card key in the cles, so much easier to locate ;) here's a pic of my cles attached to my speedy 30 .... hope this helps :roflmfao:
  10. hey naughtymanolo... are u sure the perfo cles is that price?? i know that the vernis cles i have on order is $285 (AU)... i didnt realise the other lines were that much cheaper... i will have to go back to my LV and check it out
  11. ^^
    i think naughtymanolo is getting his perf cles from France and not Aus. which is why its so cheap.

    the Vernis though is one of the more expensive ones.
    the Epi is $265 AUD and so is the mini monogram cles
    the monogram and the damier is slightly cheaper.

    so yes other lines are cheaper than the vernis
  12. Kaka I Love That!!! NaughtyManolo This Would Be Perfect!
  13. yeah sorry if you havent ralised already, and sorry if i got your hopes up!! my family is visiting france in july and im planning my purchases!! its so much cheaper thean australia it works out to bieng roughly 30% cheaper so im having trouble deciding
  14. NaughtyManolo,

    I think this should help...
  15. ^^^ OMG thats it so soo sooooooo super cute.... thats it im sold!!!! when i saw it on the speedy i though it looked a bit too big but on the keepall it looks great, carryalls are roughly the same height so im definately getting one? now to my next rpoblem what color?