should i get a new pair?

  1. hi! so of course now i have loubou fever! lol. i have a job interview tomorrow and i have a navy blue st john suit i can wear. i was going to wear it with a pair of nude manolo kitten heels. anyway i was thinking since today is Saks' give some get some i would go after work and see if i can find a pants suit rather than the skirt suit i have. then i thought "maybe i should get the taupe simples i saw a while ago. i bet those would go with the navy suit!"

    so here's my questions:

    would the taupe, which i thought was a very light grey, go with a navy suit?
    is there another shoe you would reccomend over the taupe simple like maybe a camel or nude simple? or something else?
    is a cl too much for an interview? i am interviewing with a man but still, would you think it was too not showy but something? sexy, maybe?

    i have another interview next week but i don't think it's as formal as this one.

    i would say that i should get like a black simple but i already have the standard manolo black pumps in 2 heel heights and chanel quilted heels in black and nude. i could always return one of those pairs since i never wore them but i haven't been able to decide for months.

  2. I think that the clothes and shoes you wear to an interview should be professional and low key, although Louboutins do not have a logo, the red sole is pretty recognizable these days, even amongst men. I am not sure what kind of message it sends when a potential employer sees you wearing $500+ shoes. But that is JMO. I think that this is along the same lines of handbags, I don't agree with wearing logo handbags to an interview either.
    Sorry that is just my two cents.

    Of course your potential employer that you are interviewing with will know your salary background so even if you are very successful and have a high salary which therefore implies that you have the financial means to buy $500+ shoes, I don't agree with wearing them to an interview. That is of course unless you are interviewing in the fashion/retail industry where that might be appreciated.

    My vote is for the manolos.
  3. Yes, the taupe would definately go w/ the navy suit.

    I that the navy suit look will work w/ any color shoe--except for navy or black shoes.

    The CL at an interview can be seen in a variety of ways:
    a.) What shoes?
    b.) Excellent taste!
    c.) Why are her soles red?
    c.) Wow, she's got hot heels!
    d.) She will be a loyal employee, because she needs to feed her passion!

  4. I agree with Kamilla... I think you should go with the manolos... But look at it this way if you can get an egc get something you have always wanted or really like!
  5. i was thinking that kamilla. i'm interviewing for something in the financial field (which is totally NOT the field i am in now) and was not told exactly what position i'm being considered for. it seems like more of a meet and greet. which is why i'm so confused. oh and my current salary is NOT enough to support my shoe and handbag fetish so he might just look at me and think "financially irresponsible!" or "must be in debt!" i might go look tonight anyway (as i said i think a pants suit is better than a skirt suit) but i think i'll probably skip the cl's for tomorrow. i agree about logos. i would never wear a logo bag or something as recognizable as my chanel shoes for something like this.

    thanks everyone!
  6. Good thinking hlfinn,
    I think that you should look low key but fabulous!
  7. Taking into consideration that it is a male you are interviewing with, chances are, he will not know what brand the red soles are.

    On a different note, if wearing the CLs make you more confident during the interview, you should definitely wear them. It's always a plus to receive that vibe--confidence, comfort, easiness--from the interviewee. However, if wearing the CLs make you uneasy, because of the previously discussed, then you should go with M; the uneasiness might end up translating into something you don't want.

    HIH! :smile:
  8. I mainly agree with Kamilla here but I can't help but take into account what was said by xnplo. I know I personally walk with a more confident stride when wearing my CLs.... I think if you were to choose a CL it should be something subtle such as the simple pumps. They are a refined classic shoe and are not too flashy. Good luck with your decision and the interview!
  9. Good luck with your interviews! I happen to like the color combination of nude and navy together, so my choice would be the nude MB.
  10. thanks everyone! that's why i picked the simple. i thought of everything it was the most classic and under the radar (not to mention one i could wear to work after and not draw attention to myself if i'm wearing jeans. yes, i have to change. eek.) and that i would get the most use out of afterwards.
  11. Well put. If wearing the CLs makes you feel more confident, and the fact that you're wearing a hot new pair of heels should always make you feel more confident, then wear them. It's like wearing a no-fail power suit. I have one that I always wear to interviews, with my black Manolos. However, if you feel uncertain about wearing the CLs, and think that your interviewer may notice, then maybe it's best to wear the Manolos instead and go with what you're comfortable in.

    Nonetheless, I would still go to Saks and browse the shoes. You never know what you'll find! If you do try to choose a pair that will go with the suit, go for the camel or nude Simples. I love camel and navy together :love: