Should I Get a New Car?


Which color GTO?

  1. Cyclone Grey

  2. Spice Red Metallic

  3. NO GTO - Keep the Jeep

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  1. Many of you may remember my posts from a while ago when I was trying to choose between a Mercedes Benz C class or a BMW 3 series. I ended up not getting either one. I love horsepower and torque and well.... they just didn't provide enough get up and go for me.

    I have owned several cars over the years but 2 of my favorites have been my GTOs. I had a 2004 Phantom Black Metallic and a 2005 Impulse Blue - and now I have the opportunity to get a 2006. :yahoo: They only made this generation of GTO for 3 years so picking up a brand new 06 would complete my set (although I no longer have the 04 or the 05). :wlae:

    Now my dilemma is.... should I get out of my Jeep? and if I do which color GTO should I get?

    The whole reason I got rid of my 05 GTO and got the Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited was because we have 3 dogs and I was looking for something that would accomodate them. The Jeep was great but is now having minor issues and the dealer isn't the greatest in helping out. Everything comes back as a "characteristic of the vehicle". :rolleyes: Which in car terms means "we don't know how to fix it". So at this point I am frustrated with Jeep and want out but no other SUV really interests me. It's hard to get both performance and gas mileage out of an SUV. So, I turned back to my tried and true dealer and asked for another GTO. We had the dogs while owning my previous GTOs so even though it can be a PITA it's definitely doable. Plus, to be honest I really miss my manual transmission and having a driver's car. The Jeep just kinda drives me - ya know?

    I am definitely looking for everyone's input. TIA!
  2. if you want horsepower i would go with a BMW M3, M5, or M6.

    personally i dont like how many other cars drive, espically mercedes bc there is too much play in the wheel, but VW has some nice cars that drive well.
  3. Thanks! I want to stay under the 30K mark with the new car. The GTO is a good price and comes with 400 horspower and 400 lbs-ft torque. (vroooom!) hehe - plus I really like how big V-8s sound with an open throttle and SLP exhaust! :graucho:

    ETA: I went on and didn't see info on the M3... I don't think the newest generation has come out yet. *sniff*
  4. If you have the doggies to move about why not get an estate car? What about a nice Saab or Volvo? Don't know how much they are Stateside. My parents just bought a Saab estate and that thing sure shifts
  5. Thanks Mooks! I am not familiar with an estate car... do you have more info?
  6. Oh sorry, I believe you call them stationwagons. This is what my folks have

  7. ahhh Thanks Mooks!

    I definitely thought about a station wagon... but I am 23 right now... and I don't think I am ready to rock the wagons just yet!
  8. LOL!!! Oh no you're far too young to be driving a mommy car I think! Go for the GTO :supacool:
  9. Hehe Thanks!
  10. This should help everyone get an idea of the colors I am deciding between.
    CycloneGTO.jpg SpiceRedGTO.jpg
  11. I voted red (having not seen it) but I'm SO loving the grey!! How does it look in black?
  12. It looks great in black. But my dealer only has these two colors left. :sad:
  13. I've got this car and the Turbo engine ROCKS!
  14. My parents have the turbo....I want to get one now, think I might get a convertible though :beach:
  15. WOW! The term "estate car" is so much better than "station wagon."