should I get a Mon Monogram Neverfull before price increase?

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  1. I'm really considering getting a Mon Monogram MM neverfull because I'm obsessed with purple and want a purple interior and a purple/burgundy stripe (no initials) on the outside. Customer service telling me will take 8 weeks but I will get whatever price it shows right now if I get it today ordered online.

    Should I spend the extra money for it to be purple interior and purple/burgundy stripe with pouch, or should I save a few hundered dollars and just get the color fuschia now (no stripe outside) but not the color I wanted.

    Not sure if I should get it since I'm not even getting my initials on it, so does it defeat the purpose?
  2. Get the Mon Mono! Think of this....LV is in France making a special order JUST FOR YOU! I absolutely love my Mon Mono Neverfull. It's so unique and special! Get it!
  3. I would get it. You will regret it if you dont.
  4. Get will just end up getting it later and paying more:smile:
  5. +1

  6. What they said!
  7. I concur! It probably won't take that long. My speedy took exactly 3 weeks. Although I'm still waiting on my passport cover.
  8. I would get the Mon Monogram, I love the personalization and personally think it would be worth the wait.
  9. You should definitely get it. It's worth it.
  10. Go for it!! You will have a bag that is 100% yours!!! Plus it will be a nice neutral with a splash of a color you love and probably wear a lot.
  11. Get it, sounds lovely :smile: