Should I get a medium classic OR east/west flap?

  1. I'm dying for a flap bag, but I'm torn between the classic (med/large) size and the east/west flap. I would want one in beige caviar. Which one is the better choice? The east/west is alot cheaper and the strap is adjustable and it's really cute, but maybe it's better to invest in the bigger size, which I don't know if it is that much bigger. :shrugs:
  2. do you need a bigger size?

    if you dont then dont buy it!!
  3. The medium/large is not that much bigger than the East West. The compartments eat up space. East/West doesnt have much height though and some wallets are a tight fit. Aside from that it is a great bag.
  4. you have to go to the store,try them on..that usually helps me decide easier
  5. Agree. I personally prefer the medium classic over e/w flap.
  6. I think the medium classic looks prettier than the e/w.
  7. classic!
  8. actually the E/W looks younger and more hip/edgier, the medium looks more classic. That's why I prefer the E/W.

    I also like E/W coz it's a lot cheaper yet the medium is not that much bigger since the med. has double flaps, that eat up lots of spaces I think. The E/W is only single flap and I like that. E/W also has adjustable strap and that's a plus!

    But eventually I also want to add a medium in my collection.
  9. Medium Classic!
  10. :yes: agree!
    But totally a Med Classic would be awesome!
  11. definitely prefer the medium. especially if you're getting it in the beige, i don't really like the look of beige e/ws but love the mediums!
  12. i was in the same position but I chose the e/w because

    a) I'm young, it was cheaper, and I figure there is plenty of time for bigger bags in the future if i decide i need something bigger
    b) when I tried them on, my first instinct was that i liked one strap better than two.
    c) size is more versatile for day to night wear

    you can't go wrong with either!
  13. I would reccomend going and trying them on. That way you will know which one best suits you!
  14. I have both and prefer the look of the classic's double strap versus the single strap on the E/W. I also agree that the latter is younger/hipper than the former... and such a plus that it's cheaper! However, I think the classic would look better in beige caviar than the E/W bag. Also the E/W might not even come in beige caviar, and in fact, I don't think it does at the moment.
  15. i got the beige caviar medium flap and i thought it's the perfect one. i visited the shop and tried both, SA was nice to ask me to put my wallets, mobile to feel it and the E/W is just small for me (my figure is not petite). so i grab the medium one. also, i only saw beige in lambskin for e/w, not sure if any caviar for it..