Should I get a Matinee??? Help me!

  1. So, I just got my first Rebecca Minkoff bag last week... a royal MA. I"m in love with it! I just love the leather, love the lining (so cute!!!) and I actually love that it's not 100% recognizable as all my other bags are (i have chanel, louis, mj, goyard, prada, fendy) I think I like the fall colors better than the spring colors (especially the chocolate and eggplant matinees).

    Should I spring for it?? I don't need it, but they are TDF! My "Brown" bag has always been my Louis monogram speedy... hmmmm.

    What do you all think? Can you post some Matinee pics and share your thoughts on the bag? THANKS!
  2. Matinee's are cool, albeit trendy bags. I love looking at Mockinglee's pics of the bag!

    I will try to dig up some pics!
  3. Thanks Gung! Yeah, I just feel like I should get one while it's on sale and (hopefully) will a coupon. I mean I haven't seen a spring color that I'd jump for just yet, plus I LOVE the tassels. Hmmmm...
  4. My vote is yes, get one!

    I have two matinees and love them dearly. I have a hard time thinking of my elephant matinee as trendy and more a bag that will always hold its own. The color is so rich and the bag itself just commands attention.

    These pics are of my elephant matinee with a sage matinee that I sold, and my grey matinee with my Balenciaga Whistle - sorry, I don't have a pic of the Grey matinee by itself.
    minkoffgroup1.jpg minkoffgroup2.jpg matcomp4.jpg
  5. Thanks, this is helpful so far!! Keep posting your thoughts on the matinee! I just can't decide.
  6. Go for it. There are a lot on sale now.
  7. I like the matinee in theory, but in practice, I don't know. It's HUGE, first of all. Also, I was turned off by how the bag is huge, but the zipper doesn't go all the way across. The bag is big enough to hold my laptop, but because the zipper is short, my laptop won't actually get into the bag. I've toyed with the idea of getting one, but at the end of the day I always decide that it's too big and I don't like how it looks on me.
  8. Can people post some modeling pics of the Matinee? Anyone know what the Chocolate leather is like (stiff, smooshy)?
  9. I think you should go for it! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my glazed almond Matinee. I don't think it's too big either...although I'm 5'8". I have only had mine a week or so and I've gotten tons and tons of compliments on it. I do not carry it on my shoulder though, I prefer to carry it on my arm. Hope this helps a bit!
  10. ^^Is your laptop tiny? I can't fit mine and it's only a 12" powerbook. Size wise, the matinee is in between the size of the morning after mini and the morning after. You have smaller main compartment, but 10 pockets in all. I switch between the MAM, the MAB and the matinee, and have found that when my stuff is evenly dispersed, the matinee actually feels lighter than my MAB. If your first RM bag was a Morning After, not a mini, then you won't find the matinee to be too big.
  11. Is the fit on the shoulder about the same as the MA? I'm thinking about a Matinee too.
  12. The strap drop is a little bit wider than the MAB so it fits more comfortably on the shoulder IMO.
  13. luvinmybags--very helpful, thanks! doesn anyone have a modeling pic.. i'm 5'3" and size 6. oh, and i love big bags so i know i won't mind the size!
  14. Please see Brenn18's comments -

    I've orderd the get away tote in the chocolate leather, and I beleive it is the same type of smooth smooshy leather as the sage, which is super pettable. Like the sage, I'm guessing it's prettier in person than in photos. I'll know for sure on Thursday:yahoo:
  15. :hysteric:AuctionSniper screwed me! I was trying to get that white Matinee on eBay but my bid didn't go through---I'm switching to justsnipe!

    My loss is another purse lover's gain.:shrugs: