Should I get a Manhattan GM?

  1. I'm really lusting after this bag all of a sudden. I've never even tried it on. I have to decide whether I want to get it before the price increase. What do you think about this bag? I've heard it's heavy which is the only bad thing I can think of. My other choice would be a chanel classic flap in caviar. I know I'm in the LV forum :yes: but which one would you pick?
  2. They are both beautiful bags, but I'm always here for a reason....Manhattan GM! :drool:
    I think those that say it's a bit heavy have gotten used to the weight over time---that's my impression anyway
  3. I have a GM and its a beautiful bag. Its not heavy unless you put a lot of heavy things in it, like any other bag. By its self, its not heavy.

    In this case I would get the Chanel, I guess because I have a GM but don't have a Chanel ;) .

    If you love the GM, go for it! I recommend trying it on first though.
  4. I too fell in gooey love with the Manhattan GM...I tried it on last fall during our Seattle tPF meeting and WOW it's TDF! I thought it would look too in-your-face or out of proportion on me (I'm 5'4", size 8) but it looked alright!

    as long as it's not overstuffed, I don't think it would get too heavy...
  5. I keep thinking about the Manhattan and the classic flap too!!! I already have a MJ venetia so I'm torn because it really is the same style bag, so then I was thinking of the Hudson......I think I've come to the realization though that I REALLY want a caviar classic flap Chanel plus I know I won't love all the vachetta on the Manhattan but that's just me.....the style is great and like I said, I already have a venetia, if I didn't maybe my final decision would be different......
  6. I love the Manhattan GM! It is my heaviest bag, but like the others said, just don't load it up to much and there's no problem. Def try it on first though.
  7. I say go for the Manahattan GM! It's a BEAUTIFUL bag. I have it and get stares everytime I use it! :yes: It's not that heavy, of course it depends on what you put in your bag!
  8. i love my Manhattan GM. it's really not as heavy as we all thought before, and the strap doesn't bother me at all. it's a beautiful bag :love:
  9. ummmm...... I like the Chanel classic flap
  10. the gm is not as heavy as the venetia b/c of the canvas. i love my bag.
  11. Thanks everyone. I already have a chanel classic lambskin and a chanel caviar tote so I don't really need a caviar classic flap. And I have lots of mono bags but I seem to gravitate towards mono in the end.
  12. get both! hehehe. i love both the manhattan gm and chanel classic flap in caviar.
  13. I love either of the Manhattan bags. Boy, if you can afford it - jump into your car and go get it!
  14. i love my manhattan, so that would be my vote
  15. I would get the manhattan gm.