Should i get a L'amore BV, L'amore Gioco or Pirata BV?

  1. Hi all, i'm very new here *waves*... been lurking around for a few weeks and have decided to post finally :p

    I'm waiting for my adios star MM to arrive by mail and I'm really lemming for a Pirata BV or a L'amore Gioco. I did a few search and saw a L'amore BV which is cheaper than the Gioco, so i'm considering the L'amore BV as well....I know the prints are very different in styles but i just like both of them lots...:crybaby:

    Decisions decisions decisions!!! Any suggestions...? :heart:
  2. I say get both!!:nuts: But I my experience the l'amore print is harder to find in stores.. but I think both prints are beautiful.. so I guess I am no help.. You can get the pirata print from the south hampton outlet for 25% too..
  3. i love my l'amore gioco, but it's up to you which shape you prefer..

    i also love pirata a lot these days.. thinking of getting a pirata portatelefono.. if you get a bv it may come out cheaper than l'amore 'cause they have them at the outlets for 120.. yeah, i'm no help :]
  4. The BV and the Gioco is so very different, so it's up to you which style you like most. I don't have anything in BV since I am not a tote girl ... yet, but if you are interested in buying, I'd say go for the Gioco in L'Amore. It's much harder to find and you're better off getting in now than later, when prices are all jacked up!

    The BV can be worn when it's practically empty, it holds its shape pretty well. But when you put tonnes of things in there, the bottom kinda sags.

    The Gioco - need some stuffing to hold its shape. When its empty, it looks nothing like a bag, when its full, someone here said it resembles two loafs of french bread! Hehehe ..
  5. Welcome! I recently fell in love with the gioco, so I vote for L'Amore Gioco!
  6. Welcome!! :welcome: I personally don't like the BV because it's more of a tote bag than a purse. If I were you, I'd go for the L'Amore gioco. Plus like others have mentioned it's harder to find the L'Amore print now. You can always pick up something in the pirata print later on!

    Good luck, let us know what you decide on!

    :lol: @ Pinkpeony...the gioco looks like 2 loaves of french bread when full! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. L'Amore! It's such a beautiful print!
  8. Thanks all for the warm welcome and suggestions!

    I've more or less decided on the l'amore gioco (the 2 loaves of french bread :graucho:)... i guess it's harder to find and i'll get the pirata BV probably next month if it's still in the outlets then.

  9. yeah i agree the gioco is the better choice! i have a lamore one but i kinda got it as luck because my first post on this forum i mentioned i wanted one, and got an amazing offer! post pics when u get urs :smile: