Should I Get a Key Holder?

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  1. Hi ladies, so I've been going back and forth about whether I should get a 6-key holder. Is it worth it?

    Also, which one do you recommend? I've been eying the LV canvas one since $250 seems somewhat reasonable, but not sure if I should get the canvas. I always prefer Chanel but for a key holder $500 seems like a lot.

    I have a lot of designer bags and SLGs but for some reason can't pull the trigger on this one. Need some help deciding if I should go for it and which one. Thanks!
  2. Have one; love it. Helps prevent key scratches on thing and keeps me organized. I like knowing which key I'm grabbing without having to think about it.
  3. I've looking at the keyholder also. I currently use a pouch and it takes up too much space in smaller bags. I don't use my car every day so I keep the key with all my other keys. Will that LV canvas Keyholder fit a car key? Thx.
  4. I thought Chanel key holder $750?
  5. I got one because I didn't want my keys to scratch the inside of my bags since many of them have leather lining.

    But as much as I like and buy premier designer bags and SLG's, I couldn't justify the cost for a key holder. They don't excite me and are purely functional. So I bought a very nice leather one that was all of $20 on eBay.

  6. Oh fyi mine in Epi from LV and I'm using it for the last 10yrs. It's definitely worth the price for LV Epi!
  7. Smart!

  8. Thank you Leechiyong and Vicki_en! Glad to hear that you guys love yours.

  9. Omigod if it's $750 then forget it. I thought it was $500 (or in that range) but I haven't checked the latest price.

  10. Wow, interesting! I know you have an amazing collection of bags. I've been using a fabric pouch (no name) so far for my keys now and then, but it's a little bulky so I thought maybe something smaller would be better. I'll have to look into cheaper versions too. So far I've only considered LV and Chanel.

  11. There are some YouTube videos of women who use a LV one and a car key. Snapehbp has a nice trick where she uses a longer chain inside to hold her car key (it dangles out but she can fold it backwards to fit inside). I think she said she got the idea from MaddieShops. If you watch their videos it's easier to see what I mean.
  12. I had a canvas/leather one from Trussardi for 12 years that was amazing and I'm thinking of a Tian Gucci as a replacement

    But the best I ever bought was a Tods large leather zip-round, it was a lot bigger though. For SLGs Tods are great
  13. I've been using a pochette cles for ages now, and it's such a handy little thing to have; my keys can't scratch my other things and if necessary, the key pouch doubles as a mini wallet.
    Mine is Lancel, but if you want a holder instead of a pouch, look no further than Longchamp. They have several designs in quality leather and the prices won't break the bank.
  14. I have one and I use it everyday, catch is mine is a hello kitty one :graucho: I am also thinking of getting a forever key pouch from a designer, not certain yet which, perhaps LV.
  15. I have a coin purse from a lovely little brand called Mywalit that has a key ring inside so I just keep my keys in there and the coins in my big wallet. Mywalit also has other designs that are specifically meant for keys. Check them out, they're super cute and won't break the bank!