should I get a Kelly wallet or wait or get something else?

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  1. Hello!
    I was offered a kelly wallet and am thinking of getting it. It is a rose azela color with gold hardware. Should I pass on this one and wait to see more colors in a future? or this pink one is good to get. Kelly wallet is hard to get these days? My friends told me to get Garden bag since it is almost the same price.
    Thank yoU!
  2. Think you should ask yourself
    Do you like pink
    Do you like k wallet design
    Do you need wallet more or a bag
  3. They are not as hard to get as they used to be. sometimes will have them as well and for the price of the wallet, you should consider it only if you like it, not because it is difficult to get. A GP is also a very functional bag. It is a tough choice but I would go for the bag instead of a wallet though.
  4. Thank you for the reply! I don't really need a wallet nor a bag. Bottom line, Kelly wallet worth getting it, I need to ask that myself.
  5. i hear where you are coming from
    i think the wallet is extremely cute, and especially so in pink
    i am just not sure if i want to buckle and unbuckle to get in and out of my wallet

    it seems that you arent head over heels for either option- how about waiting it out a little?
  6. I think you need to wait as well. Sounds like you're only buying it because it was offered to you, not because you love or need it. I would wait until you find something that sings to you.
  7. Wait for sure. I don't hear your heart in it and while the color is lovely, it will show signs of use quickly. Also, while I do not own one, the straps seem like they would be awkward to use for a wallet--more unneeded fiddle with a wallet. I like easy in. Easy out.

  8. This. My SA just offered me a Kelly wallet, because "you don't have one and they are hard to come across". I told her that may be well and good but sadly the layout doesn't work for me and that is why I don't have one. I like flat opening wallets like the bearn. I like to see everything easily.

    Please don't buy something because it is in demand by others. Buy what works for you, and what you love. Assess what you have and what you need/want and go from there. What they "offer" us is irrelevant.
  9. Don't buy it unless you want/need a wallet. I purchased a kelly wallet because I thought I could also use it like a clutch.
    It is a royal pain to deal with and you can't fit much into it because the straps won't close and you risk breaking the turn lock.
    PS...I never use it as a clutch
  10. Agree with so many before me. Unless you wanted the Kelly wallet in the first place I suggest you wait and reconsider. Yes it looks nice and color is great but I suggest thinking throughly on the Kelly wallet. It can be a PITA at times and that lock sticks out too which is not always a plus.

    A garden party or Evelyn are great alternatives for the similar price points.

    Being offered and thought of by your SA feels great but don't let that emotion throw off your better judgement. The fact that you posted for opinions already shows concern.
  11. Very well put. In addition to this, as someone else mentioned, you can often find it on h .com so it's not that hard to get. However, you should try the wallet out first, maybe you will love it.
  12. There is a Kelly wallet thread that has a lot of info including pros and cons, if you are seriously considering it. It is a very unique design and opinions are quite polarized. Don’t feel guilty turning down the offer Your SA would have no trouble selling it to someone else.
  13. Thank you all for the feedbacks!!! the wallet is so cute, but I know it will be difficult to use for everyday ( the open and close).also the price point is very high for a wallet.
  14. This!
    I purchased a Kelly Wallet because my SA said it was a very special wallet- it was in Rose Jaipur. I succumed because I thought it was pretty. I used it once and find it well very unpractical. It has been in storage ever since :shrugs:
  15. I have a few and I only use one! I have an untouched pink rose confetti with ghw too barely using it because the color is so light. For practical reason, I prefer azap or bearn much more for a wallet.