Should I get a groom cles? I think they are cute but,

  1. I think you should get the cles, the bag you can get anytime later as it'd still be around whereas cles is limited.
  2. I dont think you should be concerned about it chipping. I have had mine for over 3 weeks now and I constantly carry it around in my pocket, and it is still as good as new!
  3. You should get the cles now if you really want it..mine is just fine so far :yes:
  4. Mine chipped originally but it was deemed defective, And I've had my replacement for weeks and its perfect still. Just be a little more careful with it ad it will be fine, even if ur not it will last for quite a while w/o chipping and if it does (after a year or 2 usually I belive from what I've heard for silkscrened product) it's not much. But if u care for it and don't throw it around it shouldn't chip. get the groom and just resart, otherwise u'll be stuck paying double on ebay in a year.
  5. Get the groom cles while you can. It's so cute, I love mine.
    You don't want to be at the mercy of Ebay markups if later on you decide you still want one and they're sold out.
  6. You should get it before it's too late!!!
  7. I say go for it, the bag will still be there later on but the cles won't!
  8. ITA with everyone, you can't go wring with the cles....worse case , ou decide it's not for sell it
  9. for DOUBLE!!!!! :P
  10. yeah totally get a GROOM CLES!!! woo hoo!!!
  11. If you love it, get it.
  12. Your in the same situation I'm in - I want a Groom Cles for my Speedy 25. And I'm thinking of looking at one next weekend. And I might get one also. Its so cute. I really want it - and when I really want something, I know I'll enjoy it - and appreciate and love the Groom Cles. :love:
  13. I have the groom wallet and love all the groom and want the agenda..funny thing I was not a fan when I first saw the groom...bought a piece and I am in LV piece that I own...I want more groom!!
  14. I agree with everyone - get the groom cles! I just adore mine!