Should I get a Goyard?

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  1. Or ... you can find a seller who will be willing to send the bag off to Goyard to get it customized for you AND get that seller to cover the customization cost.

    I'm not kidding, it is possible. If the seller wants to get rid of the bag badly enough, they will throw in these bonuses.
  2. thanks kaka and kou! i guess i will hold off getting a goyard until i go to san fran or paris or japan then! haha. ;)

    btw, where is goyard cheapest to buy? im thinking france but what abt between US and HK?
  3. Has anyone been to the goyard shop in paris recently? Are the prices better there than in the US? Have you seen other styles not featured in the US there?

    I think I might be heading over to Paris next month and I want to plan ahead! Thanks! :smile:
  4. ^^^
    I was just in Paris a few weeks ago. The Goyard shop is very nice, not too big though, nothing like Hermes in Paris. The prices are better than the US and you would get a VAT refund. I didn't see styles that weren't on the website or available at Barney's NY, also they were out of alot of colors in various styles, even sometimes basic black. I ended up not getting one b/c I'm looking for something more slouchy I think but it was a beautiful shop and I loved the Goyard suitcases.

    I thought HK prices were higher than US, but I'm not positive.
  5. Between Goyard HK and US, the prices vary. Before the Nov 1 price increase, the Croisiere 35 was cheaper in the US than in HK, but for the St. Louis and the Fidji, HK came out cheaper
  6. hi would anyone know how much the jeanne pm is & wat are the dimensions? Also the crosiere pls thanks.
  7. HELP! My friend is going to PARIS next week! Can anyone give me the price for basic color(e.i red,black,and tan) crosiere 35? Thanks in advance! hope you guys can help me!
  8. Try emailing the Paris store directly for prices. I emailed them before because I had my bag sent back to have custom stripes done. They reply promptly and are very efficient. The SA who helped me out at that time was Erich, the store manager I believe.

    You can try these email addresses: OR

    The prices in Paris are much cheaper compared to the States plus you can get 12% VAT refund back. When we were in Paris, we met Audrey Tatou at the Goyard store. She was having her bags customized :smile:
  9. thanks!!!:yahoo:
  10. hi! cant decide between a balenciaga city in blue or a black goyard st louis pm. please help me! im so torn. i need something i can wear everyday to work, i carry a lot of stuff..
  11. ^ You should start a thread on your question so more people will see it
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