Should I get a Goyard?

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  2. pelinaka,
    how big is your jeanne mm in comparison to a balenciaga city, do you know?
    can you maybe take a pic of them side by side? i saw the pic of your jeanne mm in your bag showcase, but it looks kinda big.
  3. I don't have my digital camera right now. But here's a pic of me carrying the Jeanne MM, the other day. FYI: I am 5'6" and then some :shame:

    It is not big at all. Smaller than the Balenciaga City, for sure. HTH!
  4. pazt ... congarts , love ur tote ...
  5. thanks chloe! i want to get another one, maybe in a brighter color this time! :yahoo:
  6. If I MUST have a Goyard - which one should it be? Fidgi or St. Louis? I know a lot of you will say Croisiere, I love the style too, but I need something handsfree :smile:
  7. i think you'd like the st. louis tote adn the other thing with the fidjis, they may not be able to do customized stripes on it since it's a very unstructured bag. IMO.
  8. This really got me thinking... at first I wanted to sell my white St. Louis and get a white fidgi. But the St. Louis is so special.. it's my first goyard! I'm going to keep it! Thanks Paz!
  9. Just found out from Goyard that my painted white Jeanne MM will be here in about two weeks. :yahoo:

    Wah, I REALLY need to get rid of my white St. Martin~~~ Anyone knows how much they're selling for now with the price increase?
  10. I went to the SF store to buy the St. Martin last month (I saw a pic of it and LUSTED for it!). Once I got there, it just didn't work for me. But, I REALLY needed a Goyard bag and Deborah was such a sweetie! She let me try on and twirl around with just about every bag in the store! Finally, I took a hard look at my needs (an everyday kind of bag that I can be really tough on) and just clicked with the Fidji. It's big and roomy like the St. Martin but with a zipper! I got it in the 'classic' Goyard color scheme (the Black and Natural)--it's been their colors since the company started (and who am I to mess with a classic!).

    I'm looking around now for my NEXT Goyard!

    FYI: If you're ever in the SF store, check with the SA's because they usually have some of the St. Martin bags pre-strip'd and for sale to walk-in customers. Deborah told me they try to have some on hand for out of state/out of Country clients--or just folks who can't wait weeks for an order!
  11. Ladies and Gentlemen..*drum roll*..

    I am now a proud owner of the Green Croisiere 45!!! The (first) one most expensive and craziest addition to my collection to date..try justifying approx. USD2,300 on a canvas med. holdall(!!)..but loving it!! My life will never be the same again..

    And..I'm officially banning myself from getting anymore major bag purchases for at least 6 months..*sob*sob* didn't I see a bag ban support group thread somewhere in here??I need to go on cold turkey..
  12. St. Martin has a zipper too~ St. Martin is a gorgeous and functional bag, just too bad I have no use for it ... I should've held off on that impulse buy since now that bag is just sitting there mocking me

    Congrats on your new bag!:yahoo:
  13. mulfreak do post a pic of your bag! :smile:

    what's better in your opinion: the crosiere 35 or the jeanne MM?

    another question, if i buy a goyard from a reseller, could i have it custom-printed in hk the next time i go there? how will it go? thanks gals!!!
  14. ^i'd say croisiere 35. i'm not sure if hk does customization. last time i checked, they don't
  15. pixiedust hk goyard does painting for bag bought from them but they will have to send it to paris which would take 6-9 months or they can also send it japan which will take 1-3 monhts but it would be more expensive, i got that info from my sa in hk goyard shes the asst dept manager of goyard at harvey nics. I do not know if they do customization for bags bought from resellers thou
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