Should I get a Goyard?

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  1. Thank you for your reply! Do you have the hobo? Do you know when the new pink comes out. I have not had good luck with nice sales help. my jewlery sales amn at barneys is who I buy from. They were mean to me about the painting. They told me they could paint a skull and a crown last january and told me to wait 6 weeks as they were behind. I packed my bags to mail to the sf store and they said they could no longer paint and were so rude. I thought they should have stood by their word. I tried going through HN in canada but by then the painting ban was on. I was so mad becasuse my mom and both have the same 2 pink bags and we were going to get the saim painting. But after i saw the girl with the green hobo I was obsessed. Any thoughts on the best style in the new pink? BTW- I saw your collection and it is fab.
  2. I'm waiting for the new pink too. I want to get it in Jeanne MM, Croisiere, and Saigon if possible. The new pink is more of a Barbie Pink. One of the reasons they discontinued the old pink is that the old pink is too similar to the red. I think the new pink will look great on Jeanne MM.:yes:

    And i still think St. Martin looks best in white. hehe.
  3. and the red is $1490 then???
    oh dear.... i only have about a week before the price increase.
  4. I still can't get over how much the price increase is going to be. I mean ... 10% to 15%?!! Yowch!!!!
  5. me out, girls...I am lost....I have never heard of these before?!?!?!:wtf: They are not in the nicest malls near me, I have never been to a NY boutique for these and frankly, I do not see what the fascination is with the bags that are pictured?(I am not a LV monogram fan, either). Can someone give me some background on these bags? I hate to sound like a fool, and though I may have heard the name, I am not an expert at all. I actually know (I have to toot my own horn here) MOST major designers and labels well enough to pick their work out in a lineup.:shocked: (and I can promise you this is not at my Saks, NM, or higher end mall...with Burberry, Gucci, Fendi, LV, etc.)
  6. I'm not quite sure when the new pink color will be available. And as for the racing stripes, they still do it at the SF boutique. But as for the crowns and skulls, you would have to go in there and ask. I've heard different things.

    I don't own the Fidji, but have seen it IRL. I think that may be my next purchase :shame:
  7. Well, I dropped by Goyard SF today and took in my Black Jeanne for some racing stripes. I have to wait until December 12th to get it - WAAAH!!! :crybaby: That seems sooo far away!

    Just an FYI for the gals who are waiting on the "new pink," I spoke to SF's manager and was told that it will not be produced anytime soon! Maybe not until the year 2008!!! :wtf:
  8. finally, here's my st. louis pm and a little note from eli :


  9. OMG paz!!! That is gorgeous :nuts: Now I can't wait to see mines :hysteric:

  10. thanks P! just be patient like i was and it'll be here in no time at all! what colors did you do?

  11. I know, I am just antsy is all. :P My Navy St. Louis is gonna look just like yours I believe - with the Yellow/Ivory stripes and monogramming too. :nuts: Are your racing stripes 2cm?
  13. ^^Your bag is beautiful.

    I love the idea of the navy with purple and pink stripes!
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