Should I get a Goyard?

  1. Hi girls, :heart:

    I was thinking about getting a Goyard bag. What do you think? I LOVE the plum color, and was thinking of getting the St. Louis. Goyard lovers, tell me when you love Goyard and why is practical. The only thing I'm a bit concerned about is that it doesn't close at the top and I take the subway everyday. How is it in winter weather? Thanks!!!
  2. I absolutly love my goyard st. louis gm and it is a great deal compared to LV totes (plus you get the ligtle pouch for a wallet or make up). I really like it b/c like LV canvasm it keeps clean but it comes in lots of fun colours.
    890$ Via for a st. louis gm (785$ for the pm) both of which come in several colours​


    or 990$ via for a cabas piano​
  3. About it in the winter, the material it very water/ snow resistant. As for it being open on the subway... just keep it close to you I guess. I don't ever really thing about that. When I go to NYC i carry a very close fitting bag like my gucci waist bag or pochette bosphore. *Maybe you coul get a zipper or closure installed!?!
  4. There are alot of Goyard fans, but not for me. JMHO
  5. lemmons,

    Kou Kanamiya, a trusted TPF member, is offering for sale on ebay a Goyard, although a different type. There is a zipper on her bag. Here is the link.

    eBay: Authentic NWT GOYARD White St. Martin Purse RT $1810+ (item 150037583063 end time Oct-22-06 11:06:18 PDT)

    I have been thinking about her bag, but I haven't had a chance to see a bag IRL and I am not quite sure whether the structured shape is really my cup tea. My taste generally lean towards more informal and casual bags.

    Off the topic, in Japan, the last time I went to a Goyard boutique, except for the small accessories, all of the bags were on back order!!!

    Good luck!

    They are definitely hot bags here.
  6. Yes, definitely get a Goyard!!
    If you feel uneasy about not having a zipper on the St. Louis try the Fidji Hobo.
    IMO the Fidji is way more appealing.:flowers:

  7. Same here.:yes:

    If the bags cost less, maybe, but for that amount, I can get some fabulous bag from other lines.
  8. definitely get a goyard esp. before the price hike!
  9. Goyard bags are wonderful! I would definitely get one. I'm saving to get one right now. :yes:
  10. Quick questions for you ladies ...

    - Which color do you guys think is the most popular color?
    - Let's say you are looking to buy a Goyard bag, would the bag appeal more to you if it already come with stripes?
    - Last but not least, what combo of stripes do you prefer?
  11. I always thought Goyard was more expensive than LV but I've only compared the prices for their small accessories.
  12. HI KUO! here's my two cents :

    ~ most popular color for me is dark blue
    ~ yes, bags with stripes are more appealling and personalized
    ~ it really depends on what color bag you have. i want it bright and fun! :shame:
  13. If you are looking to buy a Goyard from secondary market, would you still prefer a bag that already has stripes on it or one that is blank?

    One of the guys at Goyard suggested fuchsia with chocolate stripes on white bags.
  14. lemmons, definitely get a Goyard! you won't be disappointed
  15. Thanks for all of your help. I didn't really focus on the stripe thing...can you order bags with stripes on them? I actually just got a Goyard bag at Bergdorfs today (yes Bergies has them now!!) in a beautiful plum color, in the St. Louis PM. It is really pretty and was the last one there. I tried on the hobo bag and wasn't a fan. It looked kind of Coach-ish to me and I'm not a huge lover of Coach (esp. for the Goyard price). Regarding LV and Goyard, I think that LV is more expensive b/c of the hardware. I love LV, they are really well made and hold up forever, and come with zippers and grommets, etc. I'll post a pic of my Goyard baby soon! XO