Should I get a Goyard St. Louis PM?

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  1. Hello friends,

    Someone is offering to trade their Goyard St. Louis PM in Blue for one of my Balenciaga bags (probably my velo in G12 silver, Cassis). I've honestly never had a Goyard before (so i'll probably have it authenticated too).

    Their bag has an ink stain (i'll post a picture). Handle stitching has blue stains for some reason -- i'm even thinking if this has been dyed.

    Is this a fair trade? And should I get this if I have an LV Neverfull MM in DE?

    Thank you for your thoughts, bag lovers!
    Goyard.jpeg goyard blue.jpeg inside.jpeg handles.jpeg
  2. I will pass
    Why should I trade for something for my favourite when
    I am not sure of this model
    I not thinking of this brand
    I not yearning of this condition
    Since you too have a neverfull already
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  3. Thank you for your sensible thoughts =)

    I'll hold on to my neverfull then!
  4. Definitely not in that condition!
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  5. PASS! Although St louis is a great everyday bag and lighter than Neverfull, the bag is not in good condition so I don't think you will enjoy using it.