Should I get a GH Hobo in Sandstone? Even though....

  1. I'm not a huge fan of the gold hardware???
  2. Why would you want it if you don't like the GH? :p

    Is it the hobo style you like? Maybe they'll come out in that style next season & you can get it in Mastic?
  3. I'm not really a fan of GH either but I think GH looks gorgeous with sandstone because it brings out the golden tones of the sandstone leather. Hanalei has a GH Sandstone Hobo.
  4. More Pics of the Sandstone GH combo.
  5. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: YES!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    I love GH!
    I'd say the GH HOBO definitely!

    (1) It's the only bag that you can only get in GH~
    (2) GH do add weight, so it's good that the HOBO is a shoulder bag.
    (3) I've heard from other members that it's so easy to get in/out without having to get it off your shoulders.
    (4) the GH brings out the warm golden tone of sanstone~
    (5) I'm also getting the GH HOBO for my next bag.

    BUT you're not a big fan of the GH?
    I'd wait till I fall in love with the bag before I get it.
  6. Verty- I know- what is wrong with me?? :p

    I like the hobo style and I will be able to purchase one at a decent price. I just don't know if the gold is too bling for me- that is what is holding me back.... Plus my dh will notice the GH immediately :wtf:
  7. I would just wait to see the Fall colors first (just IMO).:yes:
  8. Judie, I'm with you! I LOVE the new Hobo style but not GH so I am waiting to see if I like the SGH or if they make it with RH. If you don't like the hardware then I would wait!
  9. Thanks guys. Sometimes I just get overcome with emotion and excitement and then I settle down. :yes:
  10. DITTO! I, too, have a chance to get the GH Hobo in Sandstone (and a bunch of other colors) for an excellent price, but with the new styles and colors coming in the FW '07 season, we've a few more choices to which we can look forward. :yes:

    Hold off...
  11. Right MRG- I'm going to wait and see what comes out in the Fall. And I plan on asking Kim tomorrow as well.
  12. hi all, could I ask where I could get the GH Hobo at a good price. Diabro does not carry the hobo and I dont have access to a store where I am. Thanks so much. I already have a Work in Black which i LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    I'm also waiting for the F/W but I think my collection is a little bare. I only have 1 Bbag!
  13. Glad to decided to wait. Hopefully they'll come out with the Hobo in RH :yes:
  14. I love it. I love Hobo style and I think it looks great with the GH. And in this color there's no big contrast between the leather the GH. It looks great.