should i get a furla

  1. should i pay 293 for a furla im not sure on bags im new to the whole brand name bag thing i own 2 pollini and 1 denim dooney so should i get it its a big bag i love the big bags just do not know any thing about furla or should i just go with a coach or some thing else i cant spend to much 300 per bag is about all i can do for now so help and thank you for your help
  2. Sorry, the post is a little difficult to read...Do you have any pictures of this bag? I couldn't say if the price is a good one without seeing a picture or knowing exactly which bag it is. However, Furla is a great brand for handbags. Very well-made.
  3. I lovesome styles of FUrla. There are few styles that I was worried that I might scratch the leather easily. But overall its a good brand and I think $293 is a decent price for it.
  4. Punctuation please!!!

    But I say go for it.
  5. furla makes great handbags. do you have a pic of it?
  6. Furla are great bags, their last a lifetime. I oen some, you can see them in my bags showcase
  7. I was in the Furla shop just yesterday and was very impressed with what I saw. I was also surprised how reasonable the bags were priced. Whether or not you're being offered a good price does depend though on the size, style, condition and season of the bag you're thinking of buying - can you let us know?
  8. In general Furla is a good brand. Comparable to Coach, Dooney, and Longchamp in quality and priced very well.
  9. I bought 3 Furla bags from the 2006 Fall collection, I think they have some really great bags plus they go on sale too if price is an issue
  10. I don't know where you are looking to purchase your Furla but I forgot to mention to be wary of many of the Furlas on eBay. I found Furla only a year or two ago, but a lot of them look fake and don't have any of the details that I commonly see with the Furla bags in department stores.
  11. I went to the outlet today and visited Furla shop. Anyway, I didn't like their styles. I would pay for other brands.
  12. Some of their styles are okay. I bought a chocolate brown tote for work and its really functional and well-made.
  13. I'm not crazy for Furla... do you have a pic of the bag?
    I had a Furla wallet but ended up selling it after a few days... rather disappointed by their quality and it was a PITA to get cards in and out.
  14. In a store yesterday I saw some bags that really caught my eye; checked the tags and they were Furla. I was impressed with the leather, design and colors. Definitely consider it. You don't have to pay $500, $1000 or more to get a good quality bag.