Should I get a floppy white hat?

  1. So, I need a pick me up purchase after having decided to postpone the white Kelly purchase.

    I tried on the black Dahlia hat this weekend, it's a floppy hat....


    :lecture: Rose, get a scarf instead....??
  2. ooh that sounds cute!
  3. Not silly at all...... FABULOUS
  4. It's not silly! But it is sort of late in the summer...
  5. ^^ very true, but I do have a beach vacation coming up...
  6. Oh well in that case, YES! LOL!
  7. you know, I have it on's the last one, I think I will...
  8. that was easy ;)
  9. Absolutely!!! We are going to need to see pics of that right away, Rose!!
  10. the hats!! And the 'Dahlia' print -- Just perfect.
  11. YeS!:yes: Its so perfect for you!

    A white hat will go well with most of your scarf collection.
  12. A floppy white hat is a MUST for summer, Rose!!!! It would be perfect on you!!!!!
  13. Well, you've seen what I do with my scarves and hats. It would be another way for you to showcase the scarf collection.
  14.'s going to look perfect on you!! Now hurry up so we can see pics!!
  15. I love hats!!! You should get it.....(what did I miss on the kelly???)