Should I get a Fendi petrol spy?

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  1. I am really wanting a Fendi petrol spy but I don't have the money right now!:sad2: Could you guys tell me some negatives about the bag if anything so I don't yearn for it anymore...:cry:

    I just love the color and don't have one yet but I'm 22 so is the style to old for me?
  2. No, style definitely isn't too old. I am the same age and rocked the spy out :biggrin: I am not a fan of that particular color, but if its something you love I say save and then get one. Its a large bag, so if you want something to hold your life, that'll be it.
  3. I think Greendrv has one. It's in her showcase of bags. It's a gorgeous color for a spy!
  4. petrol is a great color for spy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if i could find a real one i would go for it definitely~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  5. Petrol was my #1 choice for spy color. I couldn't find one so I went for the dark brown instead. If you can, I definitely would!! It rocks!
  6. i dont think you're too old for any bag... as long as you love it you'll be alright :smile:
  7. I was deciding between the dark brown and petrol, and figured that the petrol just isn't versatile enough. The neutral colors are definitely better, IMO. Unless you already have one and have money to spend on a second one.
  8. I know that Petrol Spy's have been discontinued (at least, that's what I heard) but can anyone tell me if Fendi made the SPY SATCHEL bag (the smaller version without the Spy compartment) in the PETROL colour or if they will be making it?