Should i get a evelyne?

  1. I just called my local hermes store ( well the only store in my city)
    they have an evelyne in blue jean - should i get it?
    whats your thoughts please?

  2. This is a fantastic, practical and adorable bag. I think BJ is my fave for the Evelyne. I'd pounce but if you're not sure, these are not hard to find at a later time.
  3. I think BJ Evelyne is LOVELY !! I'd say go for it !
  4. well my thinking was a birkin in bj but after seeing the pix of the evelyne i think i like that better in bj & would go for another colour in the birkin kinda loving raisin for a birkin at the moment....

    is it good for fixing things - the more i look at it the more am lovin it!!
  5. the bj evelyne sounds much does the evelyne cost? might have to check it out!
  6. it pounds its £1070 here in the uk.....
  7. ABSOLUTELY! BJ is a great color--can go with black or browns. It's a great casual bag for the rain, theme parks, field trips, etc. Is it Clemence?

    Get it. You won't regret it.
  8. you know i didnt even ask the leather :shame:
    i just called on the off chance because it is just a really tiny store within a big dept store & they never really have any good handbags in there....think i was just kinda shocked when she said they had one & i was like - oh ok....
    then i came right on here for advice!! hehe
  9. ask the manchester hermes ,they have a whole lot of variety and they will send to u for 10 pounds P&p
  10. ask the manchester hermes ,they have a whole lot of variety and they will send to u for 10 pounds P&p

    thats really good to know!!
  11. ok - called back & there holding it!! am going to see it tomorrow - looks like this will be my first hermes bag :yes:
  12. The Evelyne is a fantastic bag. I say get it. You will love it.
  13. Well, everyone here is probably sick of me saying how much I love my Evelyne!! :smile:

    Bleu Jean is a great color choice.

    I have thought I should save for a Kelly but I can't imagine not carrying my Evelyne!! It is the perfect bag for me. I actually want another one... in vert anis if it's made in that color.

    I hope you enjoy yours as much as I am enjoying mine. :yes:
  14. Get it get it get it!!! The evelyne is a great bag.
  15. Go for it.. Its a great bag u wont regret it :smile: