Should I get a Dooney if it's free?

  1. So I've been racking up the bonus points on my corporate amex card and today I looked at what I can get with them. It looks like amex has a whole selection of Dooney bags and since I'd be using my points that means I could have a free Dooney if I want one.

    Thing is, I'm not a big fan of Dooney. The only reason I'm considering it is because it's free.


    What do you girls think?

    Here's what they have:
  2. Do they have something else you can get?
    If they don't have anything else you want, you could go for the "Dooney and Bourke Pebble Grain Leather Medium Hobo in Black."
    It looks cute, and doesn't look too Dooneyish
  3. i like the tassel tote!
  4. If you can get other stuff, like giftcard or anything other, I think it might be a better choice or let the points build up more. If you're not a fan of Dooney, you'd be wasting points b/c you'll likely not use the bag.

  5. agree... :yes:
  6. How about using it as a gift for someone??
  7. I don't mind the leather ones but none of these take my fancy.
  8. I agree with, Bella. It's better to save your points. The black, pebble leather on is OK, but the rest are not that great. Let us know what you decide!
  9. I think its always a mistake to rule out an entire brand based on name alone. If you like the bags there, get one. If not, don't. Personally, I am not a fan of the hearts, stars, etc. (maybe if I was younger) but the solid colored bags look nice and I have heard good things about their durability. If nothing there is your style, they might make a nice gift for someone else as someone here suggested. I have found some great bags at great prices at the Dooney outlet that I saved and gifted when I couldn't pass up the deal.
  10. I like the medium tassle tote.
  11. If you have ill feelings toward dooney - don't get it because you're not likely to use it and that is a waste of points. Look for something else. I am sure that if you rack up some more, there might be something worthwhile getting.

    And BTW - nothing is 'free'. You earned those points by SPENDING MONEY, so spend them wisely too.
  12. Get the Dooney and then sell it on eBay. =)
  13. maybe go and check the bags out in person at the store and see if there's anything you may like. i wasn't a big fan of dooney and still not a huge fan but there a couple bags that are not too "young" or too plain that i would consider getting.
  14. Of course I'd get a Dooney. I am an equal opportunity bag lover. There is something I can find attractive in almost any design. I'll admit I don't love "It" bags but their AWL is good looking. If all you can get is a It bag, I'd give it as a gift or sell it. There is a portion of people (even in this forum) that love Dooney bags and even their IT ones. Free is Free. Too bad they don't offer cash off a purchase :smile: