Should I get a damier pm agenda or wait for the empriente line?

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  1. My birthday is coming up in two days and I have decided to treat myself to an LV item!:P Anyway I've been wanting to get one of the new damier agendas since they came out, but I also like the new Empriente line thats hopefully going to come out sometime in November. I really like the compact zippy wallet from that line. I currently own two SLG's. One is the Sarah wallet (multicolor white) and the other one is a ZCP in bleu nuit. What do you guys think? Am I going to get alot of use from the agenda or should I wait for the new wallets and get that one instead in November?
  2. If you have two wallets, do you need another? Get the agenda as it is something different...
  3. Agenda! I ahve the Damier Ebene Desk Agenda & love it! Good luck deciding!
  4. Treat yourself to an LV gift card and save it for the Empriente line to be released.
  5. Get the agenda now and the wallet later!