Should I get a copy of this Balmain dress made?

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  1. As you can see from the title this is going to be slightly edgy:search::smile: …next week I’m popping into Bangkok and I’ve been recommended a tailor who can make me a copy of this Balmain dress that Audrey Tautou wore to Cannes:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I’ve enquired about real Couture version but have to say it’s VERY, VERY dear for a silk muslin dress. But let’s say if you happen to get your dirty mits on a copy of the original sketches, the details including the inner bodice and the little fabric squares enabling you to make a perfect copy down to the needlework, would you do it or let the chance go?

    You are going to ask: why do you want opinions since you must be determined as you've already gone to great lengths to get even the fabric samples. My friend also says get on with it (naturally because she’s the instigator and getting made an exact copy of her Chanel Couture suit right down to the three-seamed sleeves:lol: ). But when I told this to my parents, they got me slightly off the rails and pointed out the problem if someone asks you where you got it especially since they may have seen it (i.e. the knockoff issue). Being parents their words carry slightly more weight :lol: so should I go back on the rails or derail myself?:upsidedown:
  2. It's a gorgeous dress, no doubt there. So I'd want it!

    I guess if people asked questions you could just say you had it "custom made" to fit your tastes and you were "inspired" by the Audrey dress? Not sure if that would be tacky or not...
  3. bee! its fab! but I have to say that I'd have my tailor make a few minor changes that would make the dress totally unique & just for me. Only so I'd know myself that it wasn't an exact rip off.

    Like I'd have it longer(like the sketch) not as short as Audrey wears it(ooh! get me! "Audrey"! Like I'm her best mate or something!:biggrin:) or what about in a different material so it hangs a little different? & a different colour, somethign that its not yet been made in?

    I can totally see why you want this dress, its fabulous!

    and agree with M! if anyone asks I'd reply, (in a slightly condescending tone probably) "This? why its just a little something I had my tailor throw together..."

  4. no 1 to 1 copy change details etc. then it is fine.
  5. sure, go for it!! i see no problem...
  6. I'd go for it. Why not? And if anyone does ask, it would be because they don't know it's "Balmain", so you can say "oh, I got this in Thailand!"
  7. I thinks its FAB - go for it!:flowers:
  8. Thanks everyone for your advices, you are all my new mum and dad (or more precisely mommies :smile: ) because I’m going to listen to you all instead of my real parents, LOL.

    ParkAvenuePrincess, Guess whatI just got off the phone with Audrey and she said honey I'm happy that you are copying me because we can look like twins :lol:…except I’m blonde, :upsidedown:.

    With all your advices (will come up with an answer to where did you get it later :P), I’m going to take a risk and get it made exactly like the original sketch above which is actually how Audrey Tautou’s is and tie up the hem like her as well! Don’t know why but looking at the pic, I find it really attractive having the hem tied up - it makes me feel (and I hope this will be how men feel as well!) like wanting to touch her legs!

    P.S. I never realised having a tailored dress (well the estimate from the phone conversation anyway) in this part of the world is 10x cheaper! Got another useful excuse for a holiday!
  9. Sounds good, its not like a fake or anything. Go for it. How did you get the original sketches btw?
  10. that's a beautiful dress and i loved audrey wearing it!!!!go for it-that's not a fake, that's a custom made dress!
  11. that dress is sensational.......i would get one in a heartbeat!!
  12. yaaay! I'm so glad you are going to get this made Bee! its fabulous! now, don't forget to send us pics of it!:biggrin:

    Yeah, a lot of my friends get entire wardrobes made up while their over there! Can't blame them at those prices can you???

    hey, if you need a cute suit for work, I'd get a couple of those made up too, while you're there! At those prices you can for for something a little more crazy than you would normally do if you were buying in Chanel or Armani et al. (Although I'm not advocating you return to your office in a Hawaiian print, fuschia suit:biggrin:)
  13. I say go for it! It's not like you are going to go and have designer tag sewn into your dress! Then it would be wrong. You were inspired! The dress is beautiful.

  14. Vague sketches like the one at the top and fabric squares are easy because once you book an appointment with them for the first time they give them to you even if you don’t commit to anything.

    A more in depth version of the sketches, inner bodice details; I cannot tell you cos if you know I would have to kill you, but seriously let’s say a lady from another fashion house who can get these things for :ninja:‘curiosity':ninja: purposes was very nice (a bit like an atomic bomb, if you want to know how to make one it’s easy to get designs but making one is another matter – is this comparison over the top? :lol: ).
  15. Yay, I'm glad you're getting it. Like LILACH said, you might personalize a detail here and there. But either way it will look AWESOME!