Should I get a chloe??

  1. Hi girls... I went for a bag sale recently and I saw a used chloe paddington retailing at US$850-900. It was my first time carrying a chloe and the leather felt SO SUBLIME. I didnt get it in the end because it is too expensive for a second hand bag (a new one at the sale cost slightly more but there was only one (dark chocolate coloured and taken!)

    Anyway, appreciate if you guys could help me decide here by responding to my questions (a bit amateurish the questions but I am a chloe freshie so pls pardon that! :smile:)...

    1) Is the "heaviness" of the lock a big issue? I seem to have read that Chloe has resolved the issue with the newer bags i.e. newer bags compared to the first Chloe that was released, are way lighter?

    2) Is the fact that the lock has to be flipped over each time the zipper is to be opened a big issue? (i.e. inconvenient). Are there any paddingtons without such problems? I have a kate spade bennington baylor (
    which I have to flip the flap over each time I open the zip and I find it unduly troublesome sometimes, so much so I have given up using it and reverting to the simple tods charlotte. Its a bit silly to compare KS with Chloe but it seems to pose the same kinda problems?

    3) What are the rough estimates of prices for the Chloe?

    4) Lastly, do you guys think the style will last? :smile: Personally I think it would, especially after all the hype and that it is still one of the hotest bags to tote around. I was one of the naysayers, thinking it will die down but it proved to be a stayer!

    Thanks so much for taking the time out to answer my queries :smile: VERY APPRECIATED :heart:
  2. that
    s what i'm thinking too, i'm so thinking of getting the chloe and i'm in the 42sh!! , :shame:,but my worries is would it stay "it "for a longer ?? compared to lv they still a classic.
  3. Definetly. the paddington style will last...yeah...for sure it will. Let's say, it's the best chloé style ever...

    The padlock is heavy, yes...but you will get used to it (maybe?)

    You cannot go wrong with the paddington style...and if you don't like the bis padlock, go for the smaller one.

    Price? There are season sales...and sometimes even paddis go on sale...keep on watching :tup: And this forum is a really good watcher ;)
  4. Yes, I love chloe especially the paddington and edith. I am looking for a baby paddington as well. From what I seem so far, you can pretty much get a new one from eBay for less than 1000. But you got to BE CAREFUL!!!!! Since 99% are fake. If you see one you like, you can post in the authentic this chloe forum. The ladies there are extremely helpful! You can also look under the Post eBay Chloe Finds forum. The good deals (most likely the authentic ones) are ususally there posted there. Good luck!

    Authentic this chloe:

    Chloe eBay finds:
  5. I suggest that you go with the Edith if you're worried about a cumbersome bag. The weight of the lock and difficulty of opening the paddy turned me off of it. I still think they're gorgeous and love to admire them on others!
  6. For your question #4 will the style last - It depends on your personal style. I get more compliments when I carry an old bag then when I'm carrying a current style. People think the old ones are different and look good. I just bought a tall paddy. I'm still "trying" it on to see if it's for me. Good luck.